Help finding an Autoclave

Hey all,

So I've decided to expand my workbench with an autoclave, but I can't seem to find the right one?

There are a couple of different types to pick from but what kind would you guys suggest?

I've seen some UV ones, Dry ones, Steam ones, steam and pressure, some for baby bottles and even for in the microwave?

Where should I look for and what should i totally not buy

Please help me before I buy the wrong stuff haha



    Consider something like this. Its about your cheapest option short of just getting a pressure cooker.
  • Alright Thanks, so a pressure cooker would do the trick? or is it unsafe?

    I want to reuse my injectors and reload them with different tags so it needs to be safe :p and perhaps use one when the magnets come back
  • I bought the autoclave Cassox linked to (or one like it) and it works BUT...

    The electric option goes directly to a heating element inside the device.  There is no controls other than plugging or unplugging it to keep from overheating it and setting off the safety valve.

    I ended up getting a high powered voltage controller (surprisingly inexpensive) to adjust how much power goes into that heating element.  It would work fine on the stovetop where you can control the heat to keep it at the right pressure.

    I don't want to give advice about the pressure cooker but I have used a small one for sterilizing lots of stuff before with success.  I used a sterilization indicator a couple times (I only bought two of them) and it did get hot enough for me.  It doesn't have a gauge but only a weighted cap to control the pressure.  It was fairly cheap and available locally.  The size is very limiting but, if the parts fit inside, it seems to sterilize them.

    I wasn't using them for surgery so contamination wasn't dangerous or painful so decide for yourself if you trust the pressure cooker.

    I think the magnets are damaged or weakened if you autoclave them.  They need some other form of sterilization.  Supposedly even boiling them will weaken their magnetic strength but I have no direct experience with that.

    Wouldn't be much fun to implant a sterile magnet that lost half its strength when you sterilized it.  Be even less fun if the sterilizing cracked the coating of the magnet and is now leaking toxins into ...
  • Thanks for the advice, I might have found an "real" autoclave as not in a preasure cooker. So I'm happy about that, I know magnets aren't suitable for it. But I saw @AlexSmith ( if i remember correctly) use an injector to create a small pocket for a magnet and wiggled it in carefully.

    I might want to try that option in my fingertip if I get the equipment and ofcourse the magnet. But I'm not sure if that will work as the needle is pretty big for a fingertip. But it beats the scalpel in my finger right?

    I'm starting on creating my own tags so I would like to have an autoclave that is surely going to sterilize them and their injector before i put it in
  • This is my autoclave, it's steam+pressure, it works really well, but was kind of expensive:
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