Re-Opening Growth Plates,Growing Taller,Bone Growth,Length/Girth? Plus improving Facial Aesthetics

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Re-Opening Growth Plates, Bone Growth, Thicker and Longer Bones, Growing Taller,
Facial Bone, Jaw, and Skull Growth....

All way more important than a little RFID or Watch implant.

Does anyone have information???

And if anyone is interested, im willing to share information on Actual Improving Facial Bone Structure Naturally to actually look way better in all dimensions.


  • lmao "more important" get the fuck outta here
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    oih there's no need to be mean
    But GucciGang, it does look like you might be in the wrong place (let alone the fact that this certainly doesn't belong in 'Site Suggestions'). There IS some talk about trying to replicate bone like material for an implant coating to help prevent rejection and such: ( That's more about creating a better coating for these implants however.

    Are you looking for essentially modifying your bone structure using some form of a biological based mod? Are you familiar with methodologies that allow this? A post over in Genetics and Biology based mods would be lovely :) meanwhile, I'll close this one
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