i wanted to implant magnets but i have a few questions that are holding me back

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I would love it if you guys that have implants already or are experienced with them can talk me through them,
first of all the biggest holdback is the feeling of it constantly, is it something you get used to or you feel it 24 hours a day or something?, i am scared it will just be an annoying feeling to constantly have, what exactly do you feel when its implanted

what way is the best one to leave as less of a mark as possible? is it the scalpel way or the injection way?, also superglue or stitches?, i just really hate scars

do you feel a bump where the magnet is implanted or is it deep enough for it to feel as normal, also when you take it out, will the space get filled up or will i feel it afterwards kind of like an ear piercing

will putting a strong magnet ontop of the implant cause any harm?, i know it can hurt a tad if the magnet is strong but no chance of it getting ripped off after my hand heals completely?

how does it interfere in your normal life, i know some electronics cant be near magnets such as computer parts, i myself use the computer and other electronics alot, did it interfere with something in your life?, any bad experiences with it?, also i assume you are exempt from mri's afterwards since the strong magnet can definitely cause damage, will they need to remove the implant beforehand?, does that mean i can never do an mri scan?

which finger to implant it on, i know the recommended one is the ring finger of your non dominant hand to the side of the pinky but it doesn't look like there is a lot of space for it there, what are the risks if it goes wrong?

sorry for all those questions, i bet they get asked here very often but i couldn't find any, if i can get all those questions cleared up it will give me a green pass towards implanting a magnet in my finger, thanks for the help

EDIT: oh boy.. i just noticed i had to read something before i posted, sorry if i broke some rules, the wiki probably has all the information i needed, but i would like one directly from you i guess, it would probably help me out even more with the specifics

second edit, i keep realizing there are more things that i did wrong, please dont hurt me, is there a chance this is moved to the questions thread or something?


  • Raaar. You're all good. ^^ At least you're asking questions before you're doing anything. A healthy start before most people.

    Everything you're asking and more has already been discussed or is on the wiki. Everything else said, I would still suggest reading everything to learn more.

    This being said, here :D

    When you're implanting a magnet, think of it as another sense. Like acquiring the sense of taste or touch or smell. it's simply another input into your brain, and over time it will become similar to hearing a noise or smelling a smell.

    Depending on how deep or shallow it is, and what kind of skin you have, where you place it, etc. Will effect whether or not you feel it physically more or less. If it's removed the pocket will heal together over time, I think 6 months is almost certain full recovery post-surgery either implanting or extracting.

    Injection method is the cleanest with the least amount of scarring. Sutures are also the highest form of bond and usually have no scarring if done right, but in either of these cases the other methods can work appropriately just as well if done correctly. I've done a lot of research into super gluing vs. stitches, they are both viable methods. in either case, you still have to know what you're doing, and practice makes perfect. ^^

    Suspending objects with magnets is safe for short-term. No longer than 20 minutes, or you will start cutting blood circulation. No more than 5 minutes with another magnetic object. The danger comes from either spending longer than that, or from exposing yourself to high powered electromagnets. Do not play with powerful electromagnets, MRI's, etc. Things like this will cause you pain and/or damage/extraction. But I wouldn't be afraid of anything other than an electromagnet ripping the magnet out of your hand.

    These sized magnets are not going to not interfere with most mainstream technology. You may need to have your hand shielded for an MRI, or they might use a different body scanning method.

    These are safe for things like credit cards and HDDs, cell phones, etc. Be careful around floppy disks and old CRT monitors, Hotel key cards, etc.

    You want the magnets to be out of the way of physically high traffic areas, but in a cluster of nerves. The recommended areas are usually very low traffic compared to the rest of your finger tips.

    As far as risks go, if you follow the proper instructions and it rejects and you handle it properly, I think you might not even be able to lose a finger. Don't test this. If you did the absolute worst thing possible and injected epinephrine with lidocaine strait into your blood vein... Yeah, you could die, it's really not good for your heart... Or at least be guaranteeing amputation of fingers. Infection is one of your worst cases, but I don't think I've ever heard of anybody even losing a finger trying this, with all the failures that have ever happened.

    If you get all healthy due respect and treat this like a full on surgery, because it is a small surgery, there aren't a whole lot of things that can go wrong, and unless you really mess up, pretty much any harm is going to be temporary and will heal. ^^

    If anybody sees any faults, correct me. There's absolutely huge piles of information floating around, please dig in.

    And welcome in. :3
  • I've looked into the lidocaine injection part, i know you want to check if you draw blood once the needle is in, and if it is not you are good to go, so to get you completely, mediocre magnets like neodymium ones shouldn't cause damage in small term exposure but in long time it can cause big harm, i see, thanks for the information, i appreciate it!, i will be digging through the wiki soon enough, but before i do i want to ask this, any signs for an infection in the hand? how does it look like, if i do get an infection can i go to an hospital to check it out or can i simply remove the magnet myself?
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    if you do everything and you're worried about rejection, your looking for the magnet being physically pushed out of your body. Pus can be a bad sign, clear or white fluid may simply need to be drained. If it's darker, yellow, black, green, etc or smells bad, this is a good sign that's something wrong. Swelling and some redness are going to be present, but should be evaluated as well, because these may be also be symptoms of rejection. Pain is a REALLY good indicator here, if it develops into serious bad pain, well... You know you bed to pull it out. you should be looking around the immediate local area... This is one reason why keeping a sterile field is so important. There's many types of infections you can get by exposing your body to pathogens, which may have absolutely no relationship to the magnet in your hand other than infection point. X_x

    Neodymium, copper, and nickel are all bad for the human body. Heavy metal poisoning if you leave a source present, and the body will break it down and try to force it out mechanically. This shouldn't outright kill you, best to make sure you don't have a metal allergy though. Exposure over time is bad for you, that's why you would extract it immediately if it was compromised. :#

    Extracting a magnet is like installing one, nothing says you cannot. But if you have concern with an infection it's definitely best to see a doctor. If you do not have full control of the situation, get medical help. ^^

    Never ever do anything in regards to surgery to yourself, in fact, you should go to a professional to have a trained doctor do this. Otherwise you will die. ;3
  • Yeah i wanted to say that but decided to include it out, i wondered if i could pay perhaps a doctor to do it for me or something but i doubt they will, i will probably go to a piercer to do this implant, i don't really know how my country supports these implants so i don't want to check up by a doctor and they will have to take it out by law or something, i really appreciate all the useful info, thank you so much!
  • What country are you from? :o

    Some piercers in the US can't do this for x or y liability, restriction, etc. A doctor is risking their license.

    But in any case, nobody here advocates doing anything. It's dangerous, You'll die. Nobody here takes responsibility for what you do with this most likely incorrect information, which isn't backed up with closed lab research. :s

  • i am awaiting availability for more magnets. but my major concern is putting force on that finger like lifting heavy objects. i would want to know how much force the magnet can take befor it shatters. and how it would hurt 
  • I doubt the magnet will shatter from holding something for too long, it would more likely shatter from smashing your finger against something, thats why you do one of 2 things, you either make sure the magnet is padded with enough fat, to take the blow, which can reduce sensation, or you can put in the side of the finger, which is far safer smash wise

    as for the previous question, Israel, i was just thinking if im gonna mutilate my finger, its better that someone with a degree does it, i mean nothing stops me from doing it myself, so why not ask someone else to do it for less complications amiright?
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