Decellurizing wood ( & epoxy ).... clear organic yet strong glass?

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I had an idea after watching a small video a while back on how some company had made a small block of organic glass from wood & clear epocy resin, and i was just thinking about how this could potentially be used to make cheap durable windows? They didn't release there exact "formula" for what they used to decellurise said wood but im guessing it shouldn't be to hard to recreate. Im just thinking that if we decellurise said wood to the point where its almost clear and then use epoxy (while also perhaps mixing in some form of hard clear durable material?) to recreate this we may perhaps have a way of createing a very protective, strong (semi transperant) diy glass? 


  • They did release the "formula". here's the paper detailing what they did in detail. LINK  Also note the material isn't perfectly clear but rather fairly hazy

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    Huh so they did, when i came across it i never found that document, and sure it may be semi transpearant/hazy but it still has its uses, thanks for the link Chironex! 
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