The Journey into making the first (?) implanted bankcard / Help needed

Hey all,

I was wondering how hard it would be to create my own kind of xNT tag, or NFC/RFID tag.

I want to harvest a chip from one of my cards or perhaps my doorkey and place it in a glass capsule and then into an injector.

I found out that sells the glass capsules, but I'm wondering how i could go on from there?

Harversting a chip will be hard, but not really worrying for me at the moment as I have plenty of empty cards to try and master it.

My main issues are :

Which kind of wire is suitable for the antenna in the tag?
What and how can I coat the capsule when I fill it with a chip and antenna?
How can I sterilise it , as the injectors mostly used aren't suitable for steam sterilisitors ?

I've got alot of machinery available including a 3d-printer and a CNC-machine if college starts again.

Anyone willing to help and brainstorm with me? :)



  • I believe people did this with an old charlie card (train card) and used acetone to take the plastic away from it.

    Also you would need to close the capsule and from what alexsmith has said thats kinda hard to do. I wish i had more info for you but hopefully some one else could chime in soon.
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    Hey, I think I can help you with this, or at the very least provide interesting info for others.

    First off, yes, acetone is the way to go with removing the chip from the card. You can get acetone from some hardware stores. but I normally just use nail polish remover from the supermarket. soak the card in acetone in a glass jar for 8-24 hours, the plastic will become soft and flexible. Then just peel apart the layers of plastic and remove the chip and antenna coil.

    Next lets talk about fitting it into the glass tube. the inside of the tubes are small, ~2.3mm across. Most of the chips you'll find in plastic cards are 5x8mm, so they won't fit in. The actual ICs are tiny, 1x1mm, they are placed a larger breakout plate. If you are very careful you can cut away most of the breakout board to make it small enough. This is the hard part, I broke ~40 chips learning how to cut away the breakout plate, even now I know what I'm doing I still break 2/3 of the chips I cut. 

    Once you have the chip small enough small enough to fit in the tube, you need to add an antenna. Implantable RFID/NFC chips use a copper coil around a ferrite rod. You can buy the rods online at places like mouser, then get standard 0.1mm emerald copper wire and wind it around the rod. I've done this but it's hard to get a DIY antenna to give a good signal.

    Once you have the chip with an antenna in the tube you need to seal it. The recommended way is to use a high powered laser, but I've found that you can use a butane torch, but I often end up breaking the chip by over heating it.

    Once it's sealed, you can place it in a needle and put it in an autoclave. Standard injector needles are fine in the autoclave. 

    Then you're done and can finally inject it.

    it takes a lot of work, but can all be done DIY style.

  • Thanks alot for all the info!

    Currently I'm on the Hunt for Cooper wire, 0.05mm but is 0.1better?

    I have some empty cards and NFC stickers which i want to sacrefise to practice on.

    But those plastic White injectors Will melt in an autoclave?

    What kind of high powered laser is used?
    I have access to an co2-40Watt laser if thats Needed.
    I'm nog nearly ready to start making tags, but i am willing to try it later if everything is going to plan.
  • thickness of the wire will have an effect on how well the antenna works, it will depend how many loops/wire thickness you have etc. read up on rfid antenna design. 

    the standard white injectors are _just_ ok in a normal autoclave.

    Schott suggest a Nd-Yag laser, but don't mention power needed, I don't have access to a laser so haven't been able to test it. I've be using a butane torch, it's not ideal but works ok.
  • Allright I'm about to order 0.1mm X 2000m wire for testen and getting a bit used to it.
    Mouser indeed sells the codes, do you cut them to the correct length yourself? And how do you solder them?
  • Hey @AlexSmith ,

    Could you tell me like you close the capsules and what you do with the cores from Mouser?

    I only found the 10mm length x1mm OD ? is that the right ones?

    I might try to put my BankCard with wireless payment in acetone and stick it in my hand if I have enough knowledge and skill.

    Also I've used Acetone on some blank NFC cards. and If you Dip them in a glass filled with acetone . they peel within 2 hours. ( Don't forget to cover up the glass, or the acetone will vaporise)

  • Crazy idea but could you not simply "create" something similar to the flexible implants?
  • That's not a bad idea at all, but for now I prefer to use a capsule as my girlfriend still doesn't agree to the idea.

    She was fine with me getting xNTs, but not with me cutting myself to place something in my skin.

    So for now I'd rather use capsules, but Thank you for the tip!

  • Not a problem keep us updated!
  • Sure thing!

    right now waiting on the wire and on the search for an autoclave and info on closing the capsule and attaching tge antenna
  • Alex mentioned how he closes them with a torch. I think the disired effect is melting the glass together.
  • Yeah true! but i would love some kind of tutorialish thing haha
  • The first problem at the moment is figuring out what kind of chip is inside it or any specs about the antenna?

    As I need to rebuild the antenna into the tiny size, I will need to find some details about it right?

    Anyone up for the solution to figure this out?
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