Which supplies are unavailable to biohackers but available to university scientists?

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Sorry i'm pretty much totally new to this field.

I thought biohackers can only get non-dangerous materials like... stuff from HomeDepot, and wondered how they can get non-OTC drugs, chemicals, biological/genetic substances etc... basically stuff that you can usually only find in professional science labs such as at universities.

But according to this forum, it sounds like you guys can just order whatever you want from the same reputable suppliers that university labs use.
Am I right? I thought that those suppliers only sell to universities or biotech companies. Or is it just that you guys can get stuff because you order through your university or something?

If you can really just order whatever as a garage-based biohacker, is there anything you cannot get that university scientists/students can?


  • The key seems to be finding the right company that will ship to you, and bonus if you're a business. If you are an LLC you suddenly become reputable. Other options include (but may touch on or manhandle legality) things such as, borrowing hardware from a lab, getting a friend in a hospital to help you with supplies, farm supply stores, amazon, having other people order things, etc.

    THe biggest roadblock I've run into is just price. 
  • I think it depends mostly where you live, in the USA with low regulations and fees it is mostly a price problem. Here in Europe and especially Swiss the problem is regulations , fees and shipping price.
    Most of the stuff i want to buy I can't because the only license to UNI and research company. 
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