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I'm starting this thread for a suggestion to add/update/remove things in the wiki. I myself am pretty bad at editing the wiki although I will once a blue moon. I can't seem to locate the original thread regarding this.

My initial suggestion which I will do shortly will be to add a coatings section. That can house information that is already known about coatings that work and don't work. Along with known problems with some other sites magnets such as supermagnetman.

This will help with people trying to coat their own magnets and using bad coatings and just slapping a magnet from homedepot in themselves.

EDIT: turns out I don't know how to make a wiki page on an iPad. When I get a chance to boot up my laptop I can add one.


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    Um... there already is a page about coatings on the wiki... It honestly should be overhauled and drastically revamped, maybe put in a better place, but it already exists. >~<

    I'd be glad to fill in with my own information as well, and proofread when I can.  ^^
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    I thought there was I couldn't find it :/

    Guess I'm pretty bad at wiki haha

    EDIT: device design didn't even think to look there.
  • Exactly, when I found out it was there, I was like... Why is it here? Lol X_x
  • A wiki for which Phones have great NFC?

    The sony xperia X sucks at it, far too small
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