Any ideas on improving eyesight

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I have been in a dizzy about this for a while. I want to find a solution to improving human eyesight. However, currently, surgery only works when eyesight is subpar, there are no pharmaceuticals to the effect that I want, eye replacement is still a way off, and eye implants have the same problem as surgery. Does anyone have any ideas on this subject? Help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Well, there are many ways to go about this. The a video called something like yoga for your vision. Basically dude had been legally blind since birth and made a program up that helped him get his drivers license. Its weird stuff. I've anyways wanted to go back and study it.

    You could take an optical approach. Usually if you're playing with altered lens shape you gain in one regard but lose in another. The lens in an eye however changes shape to be able to accomadate near and during distant vision. You could play with multifocal contact lenses. . Maybe one for distance and one for close up?
    Then there's the retina. I've done a number of projects about altering the photo receptors. It can be done. It's a pita but doable.
    Then there's central processing of vision. I'm sure there are substances which can affect this but can't name any off the top of my head.

    What are you looking to do?
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