New use for magnetic implants

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I have an idea for a way to use magnetic implants to help ppl that have a dissability or have lost a limb. So for example if a person lost there leg and got a prothstectic leg they could insert magnets into what is left of there leg and than insert a bigger magnet into the foot of the prothshetic. My idea is NOT an idea for a way to atatch the prothstectic to the body but instead a way to allow the person to feel the magnet atatched to the prothstectic foot in relation to the magnet that was implanted into the leg. This would alow the person to have better balance because they will be able to feel were there foot is without having to use there eyes. I don't have a magnet implant or a prothshetic body part so this would be hard for me to test out so I was wondering if any of you could tell me if this was a good idea or not.


  • I know what you're saying. A big problem with this is that the magnet in the flesh portion would be attracted to the lower magnet constantly. Over time, this is not good for the skin that would be pinched between the magnet and the prosthetic limb. It would kill that area of skin and then reject, I'd imagine.
  • Interesting idea, but a better application of the concept might be to have a few electrical contacts in the prosthetic that pass a small current through the amputees skin to train them to keep the prosthetic seated in the proper location. 

    I am not talking about a painful sensation here, just a small buzz.
  • constantly shocking the aria that is already damaged might cause the aria to go slightly numb witch would just cause there balance to to get Even worse. What if instead of having a reagulaf magnet in the prothstectic leg you could have an electo magnet that you could turn off when it got anoying or iratating.
  • BirdMachine about her bottle nose project, its basically the same ideas but already all done.
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