Airport security and "cloaking" implants

2 Questions that overlap:

1) What is airport security like for body modders? 
2) What strategies could be applied in the construction/design of mods to reduce their visibility to security scans?

I was talking with my friend who has a metal pin in his hip and has special documents he keeps with him when he travels, I understand that magnet implants are probably too small to picked up in the walk through metal detectors at airports but i wonder about things like transdermal implants or other potential augmentations.

Given current security concerns do you guys see a point where someone with even minor modifications may need to carry special documentation in order to travel internationally?

Has it already happened? There are enough people with big enough implants now that someone must have gone through airport security and been asked to explain... 

Also with transdermal implants would anyone be worried that some over zealous security agent may attempt to "pull it out" without realising how deep the implantation goes? 

I've had to boot laptops, and even usb drives when traveling, might someone have to do the same with implanted storage one day? 

Might there be some countries that you should not go to if you have an implant? (for instance one where local law prohibits that kind of mod)

In terms of strategies for reducing the risk of security review, I'm assuming that making them small would be a good first step but are there any others?

Could a device been coated/shielded from millimeter wave radar?


  • As of right now no implant has been picked up at an airport. There is a contractor in the group that will probably chime in.

    Also this has been talked about previously in regards to scans and detectors. I my self haven't set anything off with my rfid in the scan and metal detectors. I imagine the Northpaw would definitely raise a few eyebrows seeing how it lights up and protrudes from the skin.

    In the when we have solved the whole power thing it might be an issue but as for now I wouldn't sweat it.
  • Howdy,

    I'm actually a TSA contractor so I've asked for special attention at multiple airports. Nothing can be seen as far as magnets and RFIDS.

  • @mmuyskens thnx, so size alone would seem to be enough to stop detection for the little implants.

    Still wondering about bigger implants like the northpaw...

    Also I'm assuming travelling with a nootropic stack could raise some eyebrows.
  • I've had no issues traveling with noots. My understanding is that they are looking for specific things, not necessarily "anything that looks like powder". There's a guy I know who just mixed his stack in bulk and dumped it into a protein powder container...
  • I haven't had any issues with my northstar, but I opt for the freedom fondle each time. Your Mileage May Vary.
  • @BirdMachine, I'm surprised you don't get asked about it more. 
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