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Hey all,

Not sure if anyone has the same issues or where to place this discussion but be warned or be sad like me.

I just got a new phone , The Sony Xperia X (F5121) and I noticed as i was unpackaging it that they placed the NFC reader at the top left of the screen.
Very weird, but okay they must have their reasons for it.

Warning! I can't seem to read my tags with it, I'm not sure if it's the placement or the type of reader-writer they put in it, so if you are going to pick a new phone. remember this!



  • just gonna comment and bump it up so everyone knows.
  • That's a bummer. I've had three Sony Xperias in the past and there was a wide difference in NFC read distances even from replacement phones of the same model. One I had to press onto my hand and wait and one would read before it got to my hand. My current Samsung has terrible NFC range but it's the ruggedized model so the case itself may be the problem.
  • This might be worth noting, and I dont know if there's a thread or something for this, but the read zone on HTC one phones is tricky. They have a metal backing and the antenna is actually run through a line/ break in the casing near the top of the phone. Figured I'd mention that, as I've had trouble with them. Also, I have yet to get a Samsung s6 edge to work with my implant. Id appreciate any feedback on that actually.
  • The edge that my wife uses has a VERY weak read range. My NFC ring only gets read maybe 1 out of 6 or so times. It's a tiny read range and tiny area it really is a "sweet spot".

    My phones the 7 and it too is not quite as bad as the 6edge but the range is still garbage. The "sweet spot" was enlarged a little so you have a bit more wiggle room. I have a case on my phone because the back of the phone cracks easier then the front glass. The case is very thin and I still cannot get a read on my ring.
  • Maybe we should start a stickythread with which phones are "biohack"friendly and which aren't.

    My xperia X has a full metal back and glass front, but even without the protective sticker on the front it refuses to read it. Even tried a xNT which wasn't implanted and not in his injector.

  • If anything I think it should be a page in the wiki. We can't sticky every thread with important information, because in theory, that should be all of the threads.
  • FWIW: Haven't had any issues with my Samsung Galaxy J1. NFC antenna is in a good spot and reads pretty quickly IME.

    And I think a Wiki page on suitable smartphones is vital.

    I made this page and edited some basic info as it seemed no one else had made a page. The info I put in doesn't seem to have appeared yet though.
  • That's exactly what I have been thinking in the past couple of weeks. I have LG V20 and it could read my flexible NFC tag only when I removed its case and put it directly on the skin and pressing camera part on the chip. In that phone the antenna is around camera, but I guess because of metal back it's weak. Then I thought you guys should know which phone has strong NFC antenna. So apparently only Samsung Galaxy J1 has a good antenna, that's a bummer.  

    @Superman Would you please change the page title to Compatible Phones, just a minor misspelling. 
  • My old phone is an HTC one m7 and I can read my tag (the glass one) pretty well, usually at the first try
  • I have been running Samsung Galaxy model phones for years, and their s5-s7 have had decent NFC readers in them; although the sweet spots vary on each model.

    I now have the new Motoroza Z, and it's NFC reader is terrible. It's cool that it has all sorts of "Moto Mods" that can be purchased and added onto the device, but the NFC reader is a real downer with standard NFC ampules available at this time.

    I tried it out with the new FlexNT from DT and it actually reads MUCH easier. 

    Food for thought. :)
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