Lidocaine in New Zealand?

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I'm planning on getting a magnet implant and was wondering if any of you guys know if lidocaine is legal in liquid form in NZ as I was intending to just get it off dangerous things or I know it's available over-the-counter as a topical cream here but can't find any info anywhere on the status of liquid form. If any kiwis or anyone else could let me know it'd be much appreciated. Thanks. 


  • Very quickly looking I don't see a restriction I'll link to the page.
  • Great, thanks for that
  • Where are you in NZ, Psyber? I'm in Welly.
    You can't buy it in liquid form here but you should be able to buy it from overseas without any hassles. Some body-mod artists also offer local anaesthetic (typically lidocaine with epinephrine) for more painful installations.
  • DO NOT use Lidocaine with Epinephrine! Please!

    It restricts blood flow and can cause digit death from loss of blood to the area! D:>
  • Zerbula: I didn't say I agreed with it; I've never felt anything so painful in my life and I won't go to that body-mod studio anymore. Just pointing out that it's offered in this country.
  • kjwx- I'm in Tauranga. Good to know I'll be able to get some online, thanks. 
    And don't worry, I'm making sure to get some without epinephrine.
  • Psyber: Sent you a PM in case you want to share shipping costs.
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    I order mine from dangerous things and it got through nz customs fine.
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    Umutof: Where are you in NZ?
  • Christchurch your self?
  • Umutof: Wellington
  • Really new here, but I'll be coming to spend a couple of years in Christchurch in January. Any recommendations for places to get an implant done around there? I'm hoping to get my magnet before I leave the States, but I'm not sure the timing will work out.
  • Sorry I don't have any recommendations in Christchurch as I do implants myself, but I know there is a piercer in Wellington willing to do magnet implants. You can look on the wiiki implanter list for details.
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