Sort of a gungho question/theory based on incomplete knowlege of tdc's but here we go.....

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As prefaced in the title i have incomplete and limited knowledge on neural stimulation and reading but i have been thinking alot on this recently and wanted to ask your perspective on why something like this wouldn't work, how it wouldn't work and/or how it could potentially work...

So i have a sort of question/design in my head built around my knowledge of tdc's (Trans-Cranial Current Stimulation ) and am wondering what the implications of stimulating areas of memory in the brain would be? more so short term memory than long, but im wondering if tdc's can stimulate and alter short term memory states, which i know are not permanent and seem to "decay within seconds" and that if tdc's could be potentially used to alter these states, could they potentially be used to form other states, for example: by potentially stimulating the brain's pattern at a current time to mimic that of either another scanned brain, or some other form of data? ( i also realise that computers can't actually read memories or at least at this point they can't)
which is why i propose the theory of captureing a "image" of the brains short term memory's and simulating it in another
Just thinking that if we can capture information of mental states using tech such as an eeg (or other), it doesn't seem to far fetched to me that eventually (Key word eventually! i know that this is very likely not possible at this point and am again only asking a question as in the thread title!) we might be able to capture memory from one individual and stimulate another individuals short term memory so that said person gains person one's, thoughts and experiences from seconds ago. It could also be used to take a scanned brains long term memory state so that it could be "Played back" and perhaps viewed by the user through stimulating there short term memory with that of the person's long term memory?     

So i ask why wouldn't this work, is tdc technology not able to stimulate the brain in this sort of way?(which is likely the main flaw in my entire question..) Would this require some other form of neural stimulation that i have don't know about,or that just doesn't exist yet? are we not able to take precise data to actual stimulate the brain in such a pin point way that would be necessary? 


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    I haven't tried with TDCS but I am working on a system with ultrasonics, it will be exactly as you discribed. Only mine will/could be for accelerated learning.
  • If I understand how memory works, its a pattern of unique fires in synapses going in a specific path, such as from a to x to c to r to ff to a to s to b. :s

    These are formed in random chains with random neurons and random paths, and are kinda constantly being created at whim. things that become stronger in memory are paths that are etched in further and further, but if you were to remove a single link out of this chan, say c, this memory and any other memory would be unable to be recalled. 

    The other thing is there is no 'pattern' for what is a strawberry. I might interpret it, for extremely stupid simplification, would be a, b, a, c, a, r. the same exact strawberry, from when you learned about it at a different time under a different circumstance and it tastes a different way with a slightly different appearance from a different plant's habitat, might be r, a, s, d, a, r, c, e. 

    Attempting to even extract this 'code'.... i don't know how difficult that would be, but one critical thing, I THINK, is that we each have our own cipher for our 'memory code', because of our exposure to it and how we interpret it.

    Again, I'm a chainsaw technician, not a neuroscientist, so don't take my absolute word for it. but I think this is at least in 'a rock is hard' descriptions, correct. <~<
  • I would imagine it would vary from person to person....
  • So three links that people might find interesting along these lines:

    Using TDCS to accelerate learning specific skills:

    Proof that images *might* be something we can read directly from the brain and record for playback (like the movie Strange Days):

    Also found this the other day when researching for another project, SQUID on a chip...

    (Pls forgive if these have been posted before)
  • Yea tDCS can execrate learning because 10000 hour is mainly repetition, what my system does is allows for a passive practice i.e sleep, free time, any remedial task.... Can be made into a productive use of time.... The theory is that you can relive a experience until you have learned everything thing you you can from that experience. Alternatively you could record and meditate on notes/interfacing and and same thing as the sleep, except now your awake and more or less brain washed and drugged to think/act a certain way. Yep two sides one coin.... I want to but I work at a Hastings and yea.... Plus I am saving all the money I can to get out from under minimum wage. I don't see my system being built for a long ass time....

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