recommender algorithm for nootropics


Hey guys,

Me and my 2 cofounders have been developing a recommender algorithm that would suggest you which nootropics to take ( Funded by three VC funds.

We find London interesting about nootropics, that's why we will be there from - 3.7th.

Because we want to make the best app possible we would like to talk to as many people as possible. Those of you who have taking nootropics. We can grab a coffee and talk.

Our background: hacker, designer and bis dev guy. We founded several startups and have been in startup scene for some time.
Please PM me if you want to hang out.

I can send links of Linkedin, Github and Angellist.



  • Well it's not a discussion topic, but we can still discuss about recommending noots to people.

    Those who want to get in contact and grab a coffee: [email protected]
  • Have y'all thought about including side effects?
  • of course man :)
  • Like and dislike buttons? Plus while I know of none off the top of my head, I believe there are nootropic you shouldn't take with certain allergies.... You should look into to that more, also a dosage schedule in case of some bad mojo jojo reaction. (Bad mojo jojo looks vary bad in app reviews....) Back to a serious note that is the safest way to introduce people in to nootropics. Also you should do some of the more off shelf so some beginner in not getting advised some exotic unknown to google magic pill.

    John Doe
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