Hole in my finger?

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Hi there,

Forgive me if I say anything obvious, I'm new here.

Anyway, I've had a parylene coated n52 in my finger for just over a week and I still have a hole in my finger as I realised after removing the glue I had sealed it with. I've used an external magnet to pull the magnet down while I sealed it back up but I'm worried as to whether this is normal?

I've had no pain, no swelling, no problems at all really. I implanted it myself without anaesthetic or numbing so that I could feel if I was causing any major damage and it was as painless as can be expected of slicing a finger open.

Long story short, has anyone else had such slow healing?

Thanks in advance guys!


  • I have had holes in my fingers, and I have tried to come back from them. Never with any success. I think you just didn't make the pocket deep enough. and glue is good if you get the magnet far enough away from the cut. what I have had happen before is that the glue will get into the tiny hole and onto the magnet making it so you never grow under the cut. and your magnet will for sure reject after that. I would say take it out and then try again later but with a better incision. Getting someone else to help is a huge help and they can't feel your pain and so they do it right, not just close enough. 

  • Thanks for the reply pal,

    It's looking like you could be right from the similarities in the pictures and I have to agree about the super glue, next time I'll use a stitch I think.

    Guess I'll leave it to it's own devices as long as it stays painless and clean and try again in a different finger if you're right.

    I did try to get help from somebody else but they got squeamish right before I was about to start, once I got through the skin, poking around underneath wasn't too bad.

    Any fingers preferable to others?
  • people will tell you that the middle finger and ring fingers are best, but to be honest I don't know of anyone who has done extensive testing to prove that.
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