Any Modafinil and other nootropics stackers?

If so, what have you stacked Modafinil with, how have you stacked it, what was your purpose, what was the reasoning behind stack (synergistic mechanisms), how effective was the stack, and how would or did you change it?

Brainstorming how to optimize my Modafinil dose's to enhance cognitive performance, social skills, and fitness... 


  • Aniracetam is good for helping with social skills as is a theanine/ caffeine mix.

    Armodafinil gives a much clearer cleaner cognition in my experience which having been on some form of 'afinil' or another every day for the last 2 years is fairly established.

    Personally I find caffeine works best with modafil in terms of nootropics but I have found little benefit when mixed with most other nootropics, however meditation definitely helps focus the intensity you get from modafinil much more efficiently than any pills.

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    I have a NuVigil (armodafinil) scrip from my doc and take that daily. I also bought ModafinilCat's sample pack that's mixed modafinil and armodafinil to try out and as a backup. Plus a sample of ardafinil. For me, armodafinil works the best and I get the "brightest" energy level. Modafinil didn't really do it for me and I had to top myself off with an armodafinil later in the day. I didn't notice anything with the ardafinil.

    However, on some shittier days, I'll take my regular armodafinil and a modafinil as kind of an extra boost. For some reason, it works better for me in that order than the reverse. I don't do it too often since my insurance is bitchy about early refills and buying online without insurance is painfully expensive.

    I looked at supplements in the store the other day just out of curiosity, but there was just so many bottles of things I've never heard of that I said screw it and left.

    I usually run the neighborhood at night, but haven't since I started the armodafinil because I stepped off a curb wrong and broke my foot.
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    @Cassidy730 After reading your post, I spend a lot of time reading about aniracetam and its relatives. I ordered a sample pack of a few things from Powder City. I got their nootropic sampler and theanine. I'm looking forward to finding out what works for me, especially since I can't run for a while. 
  • The racetam family are definitely a good starting point and theanine really helps to mellow out any harshness in the effects, choline alongside racetams is considered by most people to be a must have as well, helps avoid headaches and brain fog that can result if your acetylcholine levels drop too much.
  • Great posts @Cassidy730 @katzevonstich

    I'm currently testing Modvigil and Noopept (from Nootropics Depot), and the results have been great so far - clean focus and teh feeling like I'm accessing more of my brain. I'm able to read and write, and generally consume information at higher speeds. My bone to pick with Modvigil is that it suppresses appetite, so will look into some Armodafinil. Ordered from Modafinil in past but they sent my order to the wrong address, and then when the second shipment came, they shorted me 20 pills. Anywhere else to get legit Armodafinil for cheap?

    Agree on Aniracetam for social benefits - it has this serene calming effect that reduces insecurities and allows for you to listen better. Have yet to stack with Modafinil, but looking forward to it soon when my next shipment arrives!
  • @superbhuddha For me, both modafinil and armodafinil suppressed my appetite. I take synthroid for my thyroid. It makes me feel hungry to the point of nausea 20 minutes after taking it in the morning and in the evenings if I skip lunch. The armodafinil has counteracted that effect.
  • I agree with the appetite suppression however although it decreases desire to eat, it doesn't in anyway inhibit the ability to do so, so as long as you remember then you should be fine.
    In terms of reliable suppliers, I know a few but I imagine that it depends on the area in which you live. I live in the UK and get 100 tablets of 150mg armodafinil for around £50 which lasts me about 2 months.
    Mixing with noopept does work quite nicely however I always found the effects of noopept more profound when taken alone since modafinil feels so much more powerful and it felt like a waste of noopept. Noopept, however, is very good for inbetween days if you don't want to use modafinil every day.

    In my 2 years on modafinil and it's derivatives I've gone from being a heavy smoker/drinker with failing grades, cheating to pass to a teetotal/smoke free member of mensa with a potential scholarship to university.... there's a reason I speak so highly of this stuff!
  • @Cassidy730 For me, it doesn't suppress the desire to eat, rather it suppresses the physical feelings of hunger. Though I have a history of anorexia so my reaction might not be typical. I admit actually like the effect because it makes it easier to focus on what I'm doing without having hunger pangs distract me at all the wrong times. I really hated how hungry synthroid makes me.

    My nootropics sampler is out for delivery. Just in time, too. It's summer 1 finals and I have a drive to the border tomorrow.

    Oh, before I forget: All my life, caffeine has never had an effect on me, even at higher doses. I had to pull an all nighter Tuesday on top of lack of sleep, so I took an extra armodafinil to help me. At one point well after both had kicked in, I made a sandwich and drank a generic cola. Out of nowhere, I got what felt like an energy boost and extra clarity. Later, in class, I felt jittery in the way coffee drinkers describe when they need another cup. Could it be that the extra armodafinil and caffeine worked together to where I actually felt the effect of caffeine?
  • I completely agree however I meant unlike, for instance, amphetamines which pretty much remove the ability to swallow food along with supressing the desire to eat, armodafinil gives you the choice of whether or not you're going to eat. Although, I used to take omeprazole and that caused extreme hunger when mixed with armodafinil strangely...
    What's in the sampler? Where are you from by the way just out of curiosity?
    In regards to the jitteriness, that could have been caused by a number of factors:
    Sleep deprivation causes anxiety which in turn sets off your adrenaline which could be the reason for the clarity before the crash.
    Armodafinil when I've used it in higher doses than needed has led to paranoia, anxiety and jitteriness.
    Caffeine is in both cola and coffee which added on to the sleep deprivation and armodafinil usage is going to increase the jitters even more...

    Caffeine and armodafinil are synergistic substances and work together incredibly well but you have to be careful to dose appropriately and, most importantly, sleep when your body needs it or you will feel awful. If the jitters persist then add some theanine to the mix as required.

    Speaking of sleep, it's 3:30am and I have a child who will probably have me up in a few hours so I guess I should follow my own advise.
  • The sampler is from Powder City. It has noopept, amiracetam, oxiracetam, choline, and pramiracetam.
  • Updating with news on about the Power Pack offered by It includes a suite of various brands and incredible prices. I'm half-way through my order and all I have to say is WOW. Have never felt this good and been so productive, ever.

    Legit vendor that offers free express shipping. Check them out and spread the word
  • well I used modafinil by itself and it was pretty great, I usually take I with my morning coffee and my focus and productive have gone up.

    if your looking for a fun time though, I recommend taking it with cannabis, it gave me quite a euphoric high with out any of the tension/anxiety or paranoia. also it got me off the couch, and I had one the longest and best workouts in a long time with it.actually I just took some modafinil while writing this and im going to wait about an hour and half, light up, then do some laps at the pool.
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