Solo RFID Install.

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I may be installing an RFID soon. My problem is that currently I don't have anyone available to aid the procedure (for silly religious/moral reasons). I intend to carry out the installation via the injection route.


  • Grab some forcepts that lock will help alot. Where are you? Some one may be near you to help.
  • Religious reasons? O_o
    As in end times, mark of the beast?
  • Meanderpaul, I was thinking maybe using a bulldog clip to help pinch and dome the skin. I live in Louisiana and some of the more extreme body mods are illegal here. Wyldstorm, you guessed correctly my brother thinks RFID tags are "The Mark Of The Beast!", he also believes some other uninformed things for example: an RFID tag could allow a 3ed party to track you geographically(GPS coordinates), which isn't exactly untrue, your location could be inferred through meta-data if you used the RFID to pay for things.
  • I just did mine yesterday solo. Forceps pinched my skin and I used the finger hole as a loop and hooked it on something. As you gently pull your hand away from whatever you use to hook the forceps on, the skin will form a tent. Then it's just a matter of pushing the injector in (far) and pulling it back a little so you have a pocket.

    It didn't even bleed, so to speak.
  • except you can't use rfid to pay for things anywhere...
  • almost* anywhere, as i learnt from my favorite and most informative youtube channel buzzfeed.... 
  • 1) thats nfc not rfid
    2) it was a one time transaction ID and he can't do it again unless he reprograms the chip, no ID is used twice
    3) that only worked at a place that accepted venmo phone payments, not the normal NFC android/apple pay protocol.
    4) Buzzfeed leaves a lot of info the detailed tech info out of the story because it would have made them look stupid.
  • Ah yeah Ben, NFC is what I meant to say. I was running on less than 2 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. I'm looking into getting some Orexin-A for that.
  • NFC is RFID? just a certain frequency range? and he never said anything about it being andriod/apple pay thats why i said you cant use it ALMOST anywere.
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    @Diethyl, regarding tenting the skin, I implanted one of the glass tags in my left hand (my xEM) without tenting the skin at all.  You can hook the tip of the needle into the skin, then sort of tilt the tip of the needle up and away from the hand so that the needle is somewhat tenting the skin all by itself.

    I can't really recommend doing it that way, though, except as a last resort.  It isn't as effective as someone else tenting the skin for you and having someone else there in case of any complication is a good thing.

    And as @Meanderpaul asked, where are you in the world?  Maybe someone can give you a hand.
  • Look up body modders in you area....
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    take like 1 or 2 feet of duct tape and fold it in half, with the very ends of the duct stuck to your skin where you want to tent.  like a half inch on each end.  then just bite the end not attached to your skin and pull upwards.

  • I recently did an implant on myself on my own, it's really better to have atleast a spotter with you incase something goes wrong, i tried to clamp and pull the skin but it worked for me by pushing my thumb against my index so the hump appears. Although i can't recommend it.

    Also check for veins and maybe draw them on your skin.

    It helped for me as i'm very skinny, my veins always show on my hands.

    If you are near, i'm willing to help.
  • ightden, I like your idea very clever.I'll try my technique with the bulldog clip first, once I pick some up to see if it works.Aviin, your idea seems like it would work as well. I'll try both techniques once I'm able to and I'll report back with the best technique.
  • @Diethyl, try the tape first.  I've used tape myself twice to tent skin.  Good strong duct tape works very well.
  • I'll give it a try.
  • I did mine about a month ago in my left hand.  I used about 2 ft of surgical tape.  I used the two ends to tent the skin, and folded the remaining 11" back on itself.  That way, I could hold it with my teeth and pull up on the skin.  Worked great.  One thing to watch out for, though, is when you push the needle past the position where you want the tag to make the pocket, make sure you keep it tented so you don't push back toward the surface.
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