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Is it a common problem to not being able to edit comments via mobile? I usually have that problem.

If a lot of people here go on with mobile would you like a better mobile theme o maybe an Android application dedicated to the forum? (Push notification on new updates, personal messages and so on)

If the admins agree I am willing to help improve the site. Let me know if I can do anything.



  • Yes, definitely - and an Apple app.
  • I can happily develop the Android one but for the apple app I need some one else to do it

  • Thought you might say that but couldn't resist.
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    I found that if you hit "view source" button when you are on mobile it will let you edit it again. It's all the way to the left and one of the only buttons highlighted

    It looks like the page with the two orange "< >" brackets
  • LINK see this thread as it is about the site upgrades
  • @Benbeezy thanks, i had missed it
  • I can edit my posts from my iPhone just fine. Haven't tried on Android. I would oppose a mobile version of the site unless it's done REALLY well. I usually find most mobile sites to be lacking of features and often buggy, and would rather just stick to the desktop version of the site. A mobile app would be acceptable as that's easy enough to just not use, or to use, depending on preference. (Part of my annoyance with mobile sites is specific to iOS not requesting desktop versions of websites very well and thus, causing issues if I wish to use a website with a bad mobile version, that's less of an issue on Android though, so... Depends on preference I guess.)

    I'm not entirely sure what the site runs on now, but I have had some experience managing forums hosted by a few different softwares (Discourse being my favorite for usability) and would gladly support moving to something like that.
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