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  • try reading through the forums. or the wiki. There's catagories on the side for you to peruse through. 
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  • This is a good starter video in my opinion:

  • Magnets allow you to feel fields such as live wires, microwaves, basicly anything using electronics.

    It can be used with a Reed switch for on/off on devices.
    You would need more specific questions since the uses are kinda broad with "how does this work".

    What do you not understand that you read in the wiki? We could clear up any confusion and fix the wiki to be better understood.
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  • Ok so I'll try and clear some stuff up. I'll probably both a lot but some one will point out what I do. (Good trick to get others talking ;))


    So the reason for magnets vary person to person. Some people have the intention to use a Reed switch (magnetic button of sorts) to work other "future" implants. That would be PROBABLY the most useful thing. From there I'd say DEPENDING on who it is you could use it for work like in electrical for finding a live wire.

    Others just want that 6th sense of feeling electricity in a not gonna make you hit the floor kinda way. If your into magic then some cool tricks could be done using it or if you want to mess with people at a bar.


    Google is your friend with this one. I don't personally consider myself part of it even though from what I have read simply having an implant kinda puts you in the group.


    My suggestion for the wiki was actually not for you to fix it but rather we could make it easier for some one like yourself to understand. That's why I meant specific points would help.


    So sugru (probably spelt it wrong) is bad don't bother trying to coat with it. The common ones are gold plated with silicone or similar material and TiN. TiN is titanium nitrade which is a hard ceramic coating. These two things are know to be safe in the body. The magnets are coated with them to prevent the toxins from the breakdown of a neodymium magnets (implant magnets) from entering your system. This makes the magnet also safe inside you.


    MAGNET COATINGS CAN FAIL. Just because they come with a coating of something doesn't mean it is instantly safe to stick in you. If the coating is damaged you now have exposed neodymium in you. There is countless threads about rejection by the body(magnet needing to be removed or pushed out). I suggest getting very familiar with what you would like and then find a pro.

    Ok so TL;dr

    Google will help a lot with complicated sections. Biosafe objects and coatings are the only things you should put in you. Bio safe is something that will not harm your body.
  • Also the more direct the question the mor likely you will be to get a response.
  • @TomVolley here's another link for ya , i found it really informative check it out :D  
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