That darn bbb....

I've seen some promising things like
But im kinda unconvinced.. 

Will it really pass the BBB?
How does one do a genetic change in an adult subject?
And how difficult is it to make the change thoughout the body?
And with a dna change, how far can one go before changed cells are attacked by the body's own defences?
And.. Those darn epigenetics, is there some way to change/block those?

Im kinda curious, and can only get so far with mindless googling and the occasional paper.. 
Can anyone direct me to a good source?


  • In order:

    the blood brain barrier isn't magic and viruses are really small. It's a lot easier than you think. 

    Using a virus or crispr. Again, not that hard. Bioviva already demonstrated it working on humans by extending telomeres. Not exactly a permanant thing since they keep degrading over time but it proves a point.


    No clue and it depends on what you're doing. If you're making harmless changes it's not so bad. If you're encoding something super weird, the body may panic. Though if you were to fuck with stem cells and such you may be able to slowly adjust the system so it's less likely to freak out. 


    There are a few books you could try. There was one I can't remember the name of that goes into detail about various aavs and their design. 
  • Thanks.
    So then im off to get a home crispr kit & experiment on some poor guppies..

    i will need to research the bbb more, it seems.. 
    That being said, if i would want to make a permanent (slight) change, how would i go about it to reach almost all cells in the body?
    How about the bone marrow & those odd systems that pump out unaltered cells?

    What are the problems i cant foresee & what parts do i need to research this summer?
  • And, how stupid on a scale 1-10, is it to want to change the neuregenesis levels and sliiightly  (as in 1-3%) increase the ammount of certain glial cells & grey matter in general?
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    Where's @thomasegi with his flowchart?

    (From what I understand about genetics right now, I'd say probably a 10)
  • @Wyldstorm You're gonna wanna for AAV. It's still the most well researched, easily applied techniques for multi cellular genetic manipulation.

    As always, let's just go "oh god teh cancers" as an issue with gene mods and then move along.

    You would need to research both aav production, different models for vector load scalability, and of course, your genes of interest

    heres some papers to get you started
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