Where can I get a magnet to put in my finger that won't turn it green?

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I have been searching since roughly July (edit: I just found out it turned July a couple of days ago, so to make it clear; July of last year) for an M31 to implant, that's pre-coated with Parylene. Then, march came, and I couldn't find jack sh*t, so I expanded my horizon searching for a magnet coated in anything, and still nothing. So as of about a few hours ago, I would jump at the chance to buy an M31 coated in lead.

So, my question being, please list as many sites where I could buy a magnet, coated in any bio-safe coating. Because I've came closer to buying a gun using tor, than I feel I've came to getting a magnet to implant... and I live in Britain, where you can get arrested for having a bee-bee gun without an orange tip.


  • From what i have seen, some should be available in a month, after they finish testing, on dangerousthings but otherwise i haven't seen anything that is safe available and I've been looking.
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    How long have Dangerous things been "changing suppliers" though, I think that was the first place I went back in July and it hasn't changed since. If what you say is true, and that they will have some next month, then fucking AWESOME!!! But right now, I'm in a state of despair.
  • I believe @alexsmith said something about 6weeks for them to be available (cyberise.me).

    Did you have your finger turn green @xepicxmonkeyx?

    Also there are a few threads flooring around in regards to when m31 will be available I would simply be patient.
  • Me too man. I've considered just coating the magnets myself, but i am new to all of this and would rather play it safe and wait for something tested and safe than increase my risk of infection/rejection .
  • I was a lurker before I joined this forum and after everything I've read from people about magnets, I've decided to be patient as well. There's several magnet sellers who do any size or shape I could want with gold and parylene coatings, but the fragility of the gold has made me hesitate. I think I'm going to hold out for the TiN or blood diamond if those are made available.
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    @Meanderpaul, no I did not have my finger turn green, but I do realise the hazards of putting pure neodymium into your body.

    @iamericami, Pure gold is quite easy to make if you have the money/time to buy a bunch of different solutions. And doing so would be quite reliable, But I just can't be arsed!

  • I've seen videos on how to do it but i am just very cautious about the whole thing. If the coating isn't good than I am at fault. I understand the risk involved, even with a "good" commercial magnet so adding to that risk with my own inexerience just seems like a bad idea (for me). I want to reduce any chance of rejection and infection. as possible. I had an infection almost kill me last year so now I'm a bit more cautious and mindful
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