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So I have a Fitbit and it came with a Bluetooth dongle. I was wondering if there is a way to have my phone connect to that so I could plus it into my truck and play music.


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    Short answer, probably not.

    It looks like the dongle is only for syncing the fitbit with your computer and the like, not streaming audio. 

     There is a new Chromecast specifically for streaming audio if you are interested in that

  • Not really what I was hoping to do because I currently use an aux cable. When I plug a usb into my plug in the truck my phone connects to the radio like an aux but is a direct control through it.

    I was connecting through the usb until I got a new phone. There was a few people saying how they could use it no problem for headphones but i can't seem to do it.
  • So I'm currently thinking about and looking for a phone case that has rfid & nfc built into it. OK bare with me.

    I was thinking that the case would be designed to receive both and transfer the data or what have you to the phone via the phones NFC capabilities. To power it i was thinking that the nfc in the phone would transfer the power to the case.

    The reason I was thinking about this is because my phone case is too thick to allow my nfc ring to connect to the phone.

    My main fear would be that not enough power would transfer to power the case.
  • I've actually been thinking of an NFC phone case too. My phone has the NFC antenna built into the battery, which has cut down on read distance for a lot of tags, especially when I have the case on it. My case is just a slim plastic protector, but it's just enough to be a pain.

    I know there's a kind of stick on antenna that can be added for phones without NFC, but those I've seen have to be installed inside the back cover, using a couple pins to connect to the battery. I've wondered how they might be adapted for a case. I think for my phone, that method would require the back cover of to be off or holes drilled into it.

    NFC tends to be low power, so I thought a slim coin battery might be enough for the power issue outside of those connectors. At one point, I even considered adapting Elechouse's RFID reader module for Arduino, but it would still be bulkier than I like. I also am not sure how to get it to connect to the phone's software.
  • That's where I'm running into issues too with the connecting mostly. I think an RFID could easily be adapted but the transfer would be hard. That's one of the reasons I was thinking of using built in nfc to receive the data from the external version.
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