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Hey Guys
I've been lurking around these forums and wiki for a while now, and I have decided that this is something I want to do (The magnetic Implant)
I don't think anyone in my area can/does do it; I am still looking, but I might just do it myself. 
I'm still just wondering about coatings though. I want to get an Implant that will last me a considerable amount of time, and while I read that gold or parylene can only last for a year or so. Has anyone had any experience with having them in for longer? I was also thinking about TiN coating, but I can't find anywhere to get them at the moment, and it doesn't seem like something I could do myself. 
Any advise in this area? Is it worth getting a temporary gold/parylene one?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


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    I'm on about 2 years with my parylene and they haven't given me any issues. I'm pretty confident there's a number of folks who have had theirs even longer. We have a google spreadsheet with details on who has what, how long they've had it, implant notes, etc.

    This might provide some useful insight :) though it's not a completely comprehensive list.
  • That's awesome, thanks.
    With that I may do it now. One other thing though, would a magnet like be good to implant as is (obviously after inspecting coating under microscope, testing samples from the batch in saturated salt water and sterilization) or is something over and above that necessary/required?
  • @birdmachine you are in the range of seeing failures, um... I won't say anything is going to happen, but your I'm a ripe time period for it to. @crazyivan has a story about his haworth's failing in that 2.5 year range, and personally, I've seen many of them fail between 1-2 years. Keep posted please, more data is delicious :D

    @ironcake a year is a long time. Hmm... if you have patence, and things go well, expect TiN to be available in what... 6 weeks maybe from cyberize? Don't quote me, but I think this is correct. ^^

    There is nothing 'wrong' with parylene, I personally wouldn't vy for it because... Well I'm super picky. x3 if you're wanting to experience short term, just don't try to keep it in if it starts falling apart.

    And of course, all the threads and research. ^^
  • Thanks for all the help guys.

    With this, I will probably get it done soon, just need to do some more research in the procedure and aftercare. Other than that, good to go then. I'll probably get parylene, and then replace it with TiN if/when I can.

    Thanks again.
  • There might be other options,too.

    There are single-component UV-curing epoxy with implant grade ratings (not sure if >30days but at least something).

    You could apply the coating while having the magnet suspended mid-air and curing it under UV light right after. No mixing of epoxy components, no two-side processing, no seams etc. 

    Hardest part is probably to get hands on that stuff.
    Anyone tried working with those and got some experience? grindhouse or sftm maybe?
  • if you want to do one your self I tested the FDA2T from atom adhesives internally for 6 months with no issues, I took it out just to take a look and it had no noticeable change over that time. But be super careful, I had one that I coated and messed up the coating and had a rusting magnet in my hand that had to come out in an instacare. I would say wait, but I know waiting is hard to do.
  • encouraging to hear it's holding up so far. I'd love to give it some experimentation especially as i need it to stick to polished stainless steel.
    Real deal-breaker is the shipping cost to Europe. ~110 bucks shipping for 12$ worth of glue is a not exactly a good deal they offer on their website.
  • I ordered a few of the gold plated magnets. I plated them in rhodium and now am going to coat them in the FDA2T. If three coatings fail then so he it. 
  • Do we have any updates about this? I'd like to have a magnet implanted by the end of the summer. Are parylene-c magnets still available? If so, where? I have some gold-plated 3x1.5 and 4x1 N52's that I'm ready to coat.

    @puzbiks1 Any results?

    @Benbeezy Could you go into more detail about what was wrong with one of your FDA2T coatings? I'd like to know to have more information about the process. Also, which coating process would you say to use now? It seems like a wax mold would work best, but you've also mentioned wax paper? If I absolutely have to, I can build a magnetic levitation holder to keep magnets turning while coating them.
  • @vatrat So far it has been about three weeks. I put a magnet in the right pointer and ring fingers. I used the lidocaine powder and followed the instructions I found on a survival website. I put in one stitch in each finger. They have healed up great. 

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    Dangerous Things has a TiN coated magnet.
    I have heard good things about it. However you cannot heat sterilize it.

  • DT is a primary seller of the magnets. they are a safe good source. Also he is active on this forum.
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    @Zerbula another data point here. I have two parylene magnets that are both at 2 years and 7 months now. Based on my experience so far, I would recommend parylene as long as you thoroughly check the coating.

    That said, I'd still recommend a TiN magnet over parylene if you're willing to wait. I have a couple m31s from DT, and for me it was nice knowing that those were designed and tested as implants.
  • Nice nice @rpyka :3 thank you

    Even if they feel perfectly okay, if you end up extracting them, please look at them really closely. Parylene magnets that have felt perfectly fine have been found corroding sometimes. Just in case you ever take them out just take a close look at them. ^^

    But usually if they feel painless that means they're stable. I love data. ^^
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