UHF RFID implant?

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I know UHF RFID is almost a whole different animal from the HF tags we use for implanting, but I'm curious if anyone has tried one and if so, what they used it for. These tiny UHF tags can be autoclaved, so I assume there's more options available for applying a biosafe coding. These tags are generally for merchandise, etc. tracking, so their application might not fit so well as an implant with much longer read distances. Plus UHF readers generally aren't anywhere near as cheap or small size as the HF readers.

Still, it could be a fun project and I want to know if anyone else has done it or if I'm being entirely dumb about it. I admit, the idea to encode one of these with inventory alarm codes and walk through readers in the store did cross my mind. I've had to be the one to clean up those sorts of messes too much to actually do it though. Though programming one so an inventory scanner reads me as a lawn tractor or set of spoons did have some appeal to it.


  • Color me delinquent, but have it read to be a human. ^^
  • katzevonstich your not the only thinking about UHF implants. Check out these tiny UHF chips I brought.

    The only thing is, I don't have a reader, and readers cost a lot. so until I bite the bullet and buy an expensive reader, this project is on hold. 
    Also, my understanding is that UHF frequencies don't pass through tissue very well, so UHF implants may not work, but I figure it's worth a shot, since if it does work ok, UHF chips have far better read range than the stand LF and HF chips we use.

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