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Anyone preordering North Sense? Quite excited about this.


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  • ? Perhaps im missing something. So it vibrates when facing north but needs a piercing as a mount? This is like the candy cigarette version of what grindhouse has already done. Even the name seems. . .
  • Yeah. Dude, I'm not even kidding here. If you want one now. . Talk to Ben Beezy or Bird or someone. You could arduino this together in less than an hour. It doesn't even need any form of bio coating. I mean its a kind of cool product but its not much more complicated then a vibrating nipple ring. I guess that's a problem in this community.. We are so focused on making truly game changing projects that we omit really basic stuff. Take the North Star as an example. . Grind house wasn't super into the basic version at first because it seems so basic. It's a sequence of lights right? I mean its the version two with the gesture recognition that they are excited about. But people have been practically begging for it. In light of this north sense though, the north star is rocket science. I guess that if we want money we should strive lower?
  • That blurb on their website is giving me cavities.
    Lowest common denominator...

    Also, isn't their some overlapping ip issues here?
  • Serious. It's a weird thing. On one hand, supporting others projects is good. . On the other, its such shit. There are phone apps that do this no? So tape?
  • I respect most of the people involved too. Hmm. Its not great work.
  • Ugh. And it's mounted with two surface bars? That won't last long- even under the best of conditions most surface bars are considered temporary as the body will eventually reject them after they get knocked or caught on something. Way to exacerbate some already problematic mods.
  • 250 pounds?
  • I don't want to unfairly trash someone else's project, but to me, this isn't any more exciting than a slightly complicated piece of body jewelry. If it was implanted inside the body somewhere, then that would be another matter. I know my definition of cyborg may be narrower* than others, but to me, it's just not quite enough of an integration of body and technology to be called that. That might just be the classic scifi nerd in me.

    My biggest worry would be accidentally ripping it out. It sits rather proud for a device that size. I'd probably accidentally rip it out getting dressed. I've accidentally ripped out too many facial piercings by accident to try it.

    * There's a lot of debate in philosophy over whether social media, cell phones, e-learning, etc makes us all cyborgs. I see their point, but I'm not entirely sold.
  • Um does it do anything else?
  • does grind houses north star have magnetic north sensation?  i thought it just lights up when you put a magnet near it.
  • The version they just rolled out is just lights but it has all elements we've been battling with from biocoating to power under the skin. But now that they have the production chain and biocoating tested etc. It would be super simple for GW to make a fully implanted and far more versatile version of this. I mean they were demonstrating like 4 modalities on it two years ago. Intensity, pattern, frequency, and duration. In theory that's radiation, distance, the stock market and someone telling you what cards someone has in poker.

    A vibrator motor clipped to a piercing? Meh. I think what's bothering me the most about this is that it feels so derivative. I know how hard GW works to make things perfect.

    On the other hand, maybe it is good? Perhaps the next product will be super awesome and this is a way to support these people? I'm open to the idea. I mean the Moon Ribas seismograph thing is awesome. So is harbisons color sensor. Anything new is cool I guess?
  • Any news on when we might expect GW's next version of the north star?
  • And does anybody know when the magnets will be available? I still havent gotten mine smh.
  • Does anyone want one of these? ill make you one in no time because its simple as shit to do. if they charge more than $80 bucks for this you are getting ripped off from a hardware stand point. Any piercer can do the piercings and then the device is just to simple to make
  • £250.... you have got to be kidding me....
  • *LordFeng casts resurrection*

    This device keeps popping up in my various feeds so I thought I'd look into it despite having many of the concerns expressed here. I quickly decided I'm not spending $350 for something I'd just end up ripping out accidentally. I like the idea of the proposed next gen Northstars but I'm looking for something more subtle. What's the chance of getting a magnetic wireless charging biosafe implantable vibrating compass?
  • Iirc these aren't impossible to DIY design and build. If I'm thinking of the same thing, extremely possible. ^^
  • I think it's just a couple @benbeezy projects rolled into one, but none of that is within my fields of expertise.
  • While I do agree that the price is preposterous on this, my main issue with things like the Northstar is that I don't seem to see any plans for them to bring the plan to market.  Honestly, I like the idea of this better because it is much simpler and less intrusive than the Northstar, which looks quite large, while they both provide, what appears to me to be, the smallish ability to be able to detect north.  

    Both are cool, but this due to money, and Northstar due to how obtrusive and unavailable it is, seem like good first steps, but silly as personal projects at least for me, when I can spend a hundred dollars, absolutely MAXIMUM and get a whole new sense from a magnet in my finger.  I am happy to see new teams popping up and working on stuff but I agree, this does seem both flimsy, physically as well as conceptually, as well as being overvalued.
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