Not saying it was aliens....

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So yeah I'm watching a show called ancient aliens and the episode is all about.....well.....aliens.....and human augmentation/transhumanism. They pretty much sum up everything that we do along with connecting it to aliens....anyway the information and things they talk about like fetus modding and nootropics along with implants seems right. I think it's worth watching for some crash course info into transhumanism.

Yeah I may be a bit of an ancient astronaut believer but hey might as well enjoy the ride ;)


  • I decided to check out the episode I suspect you're referring to (S11E03 "The Next Humans").  A fun watch when the talk of ancient aliens wasn't rearing up :).  Then again, without talk of ancient aliens, it would hardly be possible to call it an episode of "Ancient Aliens" :P.  In any case, I did enjoy it.  Thanks for the recommendation!

    Speaking of aliens, can we get our hands on some alien implants to reverse engineer?  The power sources in them must be sweet!  Just kidding, of course.  Don't really believe in that either.
  • My husband loves Ancient Aliens. When my implant disappeared, he suggested it was probably the aliens taking it out because they want to be the only ones sticking microchips in us. Bastards. If they want to do all the implanting, at least give us some really cool scifi stuff. I've been wanting bionic arms since I was a kid.
  • Well, glorified trackerchips especially biological ones that are hard to detect; Would be logical.
    Hightech versions of what we chip dogs/birds/other with.

    I gotta see those things.. I will most likely be pissed off at some assumptions "Not saying it was aliens, but".. But still.
  • I personally like the show even though a lot of them make HUGE leaps of faith are topics and connections.

    You are correct @aviin that is the episode.

    At a minimum it promotes outside the box thinking and open thought. I also noticed Kevin Warwick was participating in it which I enjoyed. I started thinking about the whole nervous system connection again from see it.
  • Just remember, if you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out. 
  • That may have happened all ready....
  • Why wait for it to fall out when you can cut it out?
  • Im not into the conspiracy theories my self (though my mother could tell you stories about the government that would make you want to live in a hole) so the whole "connection" seems a bit silly. However, far be it from me to crush your dreams so ill just add how much this conversation amuses me. ;) 
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