Implantable pedometer

I would like to start by saying i'm not much of a hardware or medical guy, so all my thoughts may be very irrelevant but i shell state them anyway.
Lots of people seem to be getting on the band wagon of wearable pedometers recently (Fit-bit Etc). So when someone said they wish they didn't have to remember to put on/off there fitbit i thought why not implant it? right?.

so my thinking is you implant a small pedometer that reads your steps and every night (or not) you can use your pedometer implant readerâ„¢ to read it and track your steps and take that info into the software side of things.

Ofc the first problem i thought of was power like usual. But you can buy very small pedometers running on a button cell battery for months and they have a small display so minus that the battery life would be even greater. and having a induction charger around your wrist while your sleeping would be one of the least obstructing places.

i haven't done any research on this but old pedometers were mechanical. if there is a way of shrinking this tech down, could it be used like an RFID tag were it only needs power while being read through induction? (this seems a little far fetched so i will assume that this doesn't work for the remainder of this post)

The other thing is location. it needs to be somewhere were it can get a good read on your movement. I think that wrist would be very convenient for charging but it most likely wouldn't be very accurate, Even though there are many wrist pedometers. hips are meant to be the most accurate location for these sorts of devices as it can easily track the tilt of your body. this may be a bit more of a bummer to charge.

I also thought orientation might be important as a horizontal implant may be far more sensitive then a vertical one depending on the way it is built or vis-versa. I'm sure this wouldn't be much of a problem more just something to keep in mind for design/implant.

if any of this is possible i think this would be something that the more mainstream market would like and would attract more people into this community.
Be sure to let me know if there is some obvious reason none of this would work and that i'm stupid. 


  • I would also like to say that i'm incapable of making this sort of thing with my severe lack of knowledge in the area, but am more then willing to be a test rat for this or any other implant.
  • I mean you could. It would have to connect someone to the outside world so you could look at the data, that would take up most of the battery in it so inductive charging would be needed. But the main question of "why not just use an app on your phone" comes to my mind. you won't get any better data by it being inside of you.
  • Oh well I spose your right. I didn't even think about that because so many people still use them.
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