Magnetic and transdermal implants

Hello everyone,

First off, Im relatively new to "biohacking" and implantation so forgive my naivety.

Anyway, in the near future i will be getting my first magnetic implant (as soon as all my stuff arrives) but that sparked another idea.

about 3 times a month over the past 4 or 5 years i will get intense pain in my both right and left fore-arm tendons. Ive tried electroshock massagers in the past but they don't seem to help. But, as of recently i was working on a project involving a taser and sent roughly 2.5 mil volts (according to the label) into my arm. a month and a half later i hadn't felt pain since then.

 i'd rather not have to taze myself once every month or so, so i was thinking of implanting transdermal stainless steel nodes in to my fore-arm and then attach a constant current running from an external source to "relax" the tendons and/or nerves. implantation seems to be the only way to get deep enough to better affect the desired area. ill be trying this with needles first and if that goes well then implants may be the next step. 

input would be much appreciated because again, im just a pleb.



  • Do you know what the cause is? It seems very specific.
    I would be worried about infection.

    No matter I'd like to welcome you. I hope this will work for you cause tasers suck ;)
  • thing is, my situation is complicated and a real doctors examination would almost be out of the question so at this point, im just doing what makes it feel better. who knows. i could just strain or fry my arm.

    regarding infection, ive thought of that too. if i did implant a node i would want to seal it some how. i was thinking cauterization but im not sure if that would work long term.

    another issue is calcification/ oxidation of the node due to a constant electrical current running through it.
  • Working on something like this, without the need for a transdermal.
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    how so? im just thinking of cheap ways to do this. they have flesh penetrating "lazers" to fix my issue but its pricey.
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    I don't mean to pressure you into your medical info but more info as a hole would help think of things to help. There are medical people that lurk/chat in here too.
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    i understand what you mean. its just a hassle for me but realistically that should be the first step.
  • I'd love to say I understand but i get the impression I really couldn't. Can you give some back ground about the pain or anything other than the taser will help?
  • I have to ask this: have you seen a doctor about the pain?

    I think it's important to know exactly what is going on first and make sure that that "solution" is a solution to the problem before taking the next step further and make it permanent.
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