hackers in the Los Angeles area

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any one willing to meet up? i live in the antelope valley, but i work in Chatsworth, I'm willing to host a small gathering in my (small) apartment so we can meet up and discuss ideas, possible implants, mods, or if you need help with installing an implant (because doing it one handed can be a huge pain) or just chill with like-minded people. let me know if your interested. 


  • just giving this a bump in case any new people in the LA area want to meet up. PM me or comment on this thread 
  • I'm in the OC/Long Beach area. Very shy on time lately, but can usually carve some out depending.
  • @autumn I'm in the lancaster/palmdale area, (which is currently on fire lol) not to far from a private lab. If you're down for a meet and greet and what not let me know. i work in the san fernando valley so maybe we could meet somewhere in between. i usually get off work around 7:30pm so around that time or a little bit later would be cool, since traffic usually dies down around that time. PM me and lets figure out where we can meet up!  =)
  • @Jordygordy summer is chaos for me at work, but I'm down when the weather cools off. This is a long shot, but I'm attending Wasteland Weekend near you in September, might be up to stop off to or from the event.
  • Me too maybe?

    I live in Sacramento, but my future wife lives in Fresno. I'm always down for a weekend trip to LA.
  • sure, everyone is welcome, we can organize a a few days to meet up/hang out/implant. maybe do some touristy things in LA. once things get a little closer we nail down a date. i just have to know a week or two in advanced to get the time off :)
  • I'm in North Hollywood. Generally poor availability these days, but depending on the timing I could spare a couple hours.
  • Well, MMuyskens is planning a visit soon to have some work done. Maybe we should have a small cutting party at that time. It'll likely be after Defcon.
  • @cassox perfect, let me know when so i can try to get off work early, i need a new mag =( mine is starting to reject again...its weird, some times it looks fine but then other times it looks like its starting to come out =/ so im ready to pull it and maybe get something new. idk what i want first.
  • @lordfeng ill keep you and the others updated when we get a date set.

  • so for the next two weeks it looks like i have saturday-monday off. and in september i maybe getting wednesday off as well, let me know if you guy want to plan something soon. DM me because i get that quicker then seeing comments on the board
  • Tehachapi soon? I'll be headed that way already once Cassox finishes coating some mags.
  • yeah for sure =) 
  • Hey! I'm late to this thread but I was curious if this group ever got off the ground? I live in Santa Monica and would love to join whenever possible.
  • It's not like a regular meetup or anything. People periodically get together for projects really.
  • Any way to find out details or get notifications?  I'm in Phoenix but go to the L.A. area 4-6 times a year.
  • Sure. Grindfest is in may and that's usually a pretty big gathering. I'll post if we've got anything going on between now and then.
  • I am down for meet ups too! I am in the South Bay area on weekends. =]
  • grindfest it is. im in la.
  • south orange county here
  • Hey. Anyone want to do a get together in feb? We could do it here at the lab if anyone wants a procedure done or meet up somewhere in la for drinks or something.
  • I am definitely down, what day were you thinking? Also would you be able to remove a firefly for me sometime?
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    I'm in. My magnet has been feeling odd and may need to come out. 
  • Haha. Yeah ok. I'll set a date for late next month? I'd like to do it up here at the lab if we're going to be doing many procedures.
  • Count me in!
  • hey everyone sorry, i've been off the boards for a while, had some life drama stuff i needed to sort out then i started a new job and have been working like crazy. 

    so since we're all interested in going, i say grindfest is our best bet to meet up and then we can go from there for future meetings =) 
  • I just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area a few months ago.. 
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