Semiserious idea for a BT handset

Recently I've been thinking about people using the magnets implanted in their tragi (is that the correct way to pluralise "tragus"?) paired with an induction loop on the neck as earphones. Would it be theoretically possible to make a similar setup using a magnet implanted in a thumbtip and an induction loop incorporated in the watchband of a smartwatch (say Pebble Time) to use as a bluetooth handset for a mobile phone? The microphone coulb be the one on a smartwatch and this would enable the user to take the calls without pulling the phone out of the pocket, instead making the "call me" hand gesture. Would that even make sense?


  • With the band you would need an amplifier to boost the signal. So in the watch you would make a ring,battery,booster,BLE module and I may be wrong but for the BLE you would need a board to put it onto.

    @directorx currently has this in his Tarsus and the ring on his neck.

    @benbeezy has been working on an implantable BLE head set that he can put in is head that would eliminate the need for a ring. Similar to a Bluetooth headset set only in your head.
  • I was never able to get my tragus implants to work despite many coil setups, so just keep that in mind.
  • Yeah, @directorx I think was the one to coin the tragus implants with the coin, and his setup works, but it not perfect as he will tell you. I am working on the BLE implant for audio. I am making progress on it, but its slow going since I have to fully self fund the project. But I do think it will be amazing when its done, no doubt it will give you audio (some people don't get audio from the magnet and coil method) My design has a microphone, and "speaker" (heavily modded speaker) so you can do all of the hands free phone calls you want, and you can even listen to music with it if you want.
  • it's not that the audio quality was poor, it was that I got no audio at all.  maybe @directorx can chime in on  his coil setup, but I was unable to get audio from quite a few different coil/amp setups.  
  • @Benbeezy how are you incorporating a microphone into your design? A 'speaker' could be placed in many different ways, but an implanted microphone would have to be in a fairly specific spot to work, I would assume (depending on the microphone sensitivity and design as well).
  • well, have you seen the gloves that work as phones by making the same gesture? (heard from a friend, i should probably put some research into the legitimacy of such tech and how they work) maybe you could use that as a base and develop an implantable version that can work with the bluetooth. 
  • I admit, I really like those phone gloves. There's something kind of hilarious about walking around talking into my hand like that. An implant version would be even more hilarious.
  • @alternate its a normal microphone that seams to work alright if not directly covered but put under thing.
  • @katzevonstich I know right? I dont think i would use them but i would def. be friends with anyone who did. lol
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