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I'm subscribed to the Figure 1 app, which is where medical professionals post cases that are problematic, unusual, or just interesting for the community (doctors, students, etc) to talk about. It's completely fascinating. If you can get access and like that sort of thing, I recommend it.

I get email notifications for some cases and today's was an x-ray of a man with an rfid implant in his hand. The implant wasn't the reason for needing the x-rays, it was just visible and the doc was so surprised that he posted the picture. I was surprised how many in the Fig 1 community had never heard of it or thought it was the weirdest thing ever. I was a bit surprised since I assumed they've seen much weirder stuff out there.

I'm going to get an x-ray sometime soon to figure out what happened to my xNT. I dropped a box on my hand and the implant has seemingly disappeared. It was already too deep to begin with (went to a piercing studio for it) so now I have no idea where it is. Hopefully my doc will be less baffled. 


  • Can you still get a reading off of it?
  • This seems a bit odd. If you go a bit too deep with an rfid, you are in the meat. Most pros are actually great doing subdermals.  Already an issue.
    Beyond that, those chips have been tested to destruction multiple times. If it was broken, you wouldn't be typing.

    More data required.

  • @JohnDoe, I can, but my reader has to be touching my hand for it to work. My cell phone sometimes thinks its there, sometimes not. Last thing I programmed it for on my cell was to send an automatic text message to my husband to pick up tacos for supper so he's gotten a dozen texts from me as I try to just get a reading.

    @glims, I'm know it's not broken because it would hurt a hell of a lot more than just a little post-smash bruising. I'm just baffled that it's not where it used to be. The piercer is good at what he does, but that part of my hands is a pain to tent. He had to grab what felt like half the flesh there to keep hold. He couldn't find the implant either, which is why I think I'm just going to get an x-ray of it. Plus then I can use a copy of the picture on this year's Christmas cards. I'll photoshop a little Santa hat on one end of the chip.
  • Sounds like you need to get that taken out, sounds like it is in you meat....
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