Post-Human Perversions

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Post-Human Perversions is set in a post apocalyptic underworld inhabited only by Synthetic Androids and Organic Biomechanoids. They are cursed with human sexuality and share our capacity for Love and Depravity in equal measure. 

The cast will include some of the most exciting actors, burlesque performers and fetish models from the United Kingdom and Europe as Post-Humans in a story of Perversions. 

Journey beyond your darkest fantasies and be part of making this science fiction fetish film!



  • @directorx and I are working on the "lovetron9000" its an implantable sex toy that has bluetooth and stuff, it kinda making being on your phone during sex a very good thing.
  • Hello @Benbeezy That sounds risky unless you're very careful, you wouldn't want to get an infection in your penis!

    Any contribution that you or @directorx could make to my crowdfunding campaign would be greatly appreciated. 

  • @MVB oh and not every single other thing on here is risky and possible for infection? Risk is kinda the theme on this site. But the risk is worth the possible outcome.
  • @Benbeezy I sincerely wish you the best of luck with it. I'm sure you know what you're doing. Have fun! 

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