Pin Art 'Hologram'

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Not biohacking, but something that occurred to me, and there's people here who could probably have a go at it.

Anyhow, ya know these 'pin art'.


Firstly, this computer controlled, to output a 3d model. It would actually be inverted from that, so imagine that hand going in rather than coming out, semantics though.

Secondly, it would need a membrane.

and thirdly, you'd need a light.


I thought about it when looking at this lamp. That Pharaoh head is carved into the plaster, and when the light is on, it comes out, it looks 3d.

I thought perhaps, it could animate, a face, or something. As the pins pull the membrane in, the light causes the 3d effect, sort of a hologram effect.

If I were to do it, I'd start with a static cube, and then a rotating cube. I am not going to do it, I couldn't.

Anyway, whatever.

Also, cause of thinking that i found this ('Transform', furniture (I think)) This is the future.



  • I'm a little confused what you are talking about. Is this an idea for a hologram or to translate an image else were?

    Input your hand into substrate and have output some place else based on pressure?
  • Yes, a 'hologram'.

    For example it'd be a 3d model of a hand, and a computer would move the pins to represent the shape, but pushed away from you, rather than at you. You wouldn't necessarily need a 'membrane'. 

    Light it up,and you should get a 3d effect.

    Probably a bad idea. 

    That transform is nothing to do with it, I just found it and thought it was good. Although, it is pretty much what you'd have, just bigger, and oriented differently.
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    Now I understand it's a concave image that uses light to make it appear like it is "popping out" at you.

    I think that would be a not so bad thought. I think that it could easily be a new form of communication if you have a computer use the input from a computer to make it appear like the person is in the same room with you.
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