2 years and still going

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Hey folks, it's been 2 years since I got my magnet implant. There seem to be plenty of success stories but I figure one more wouldn't hurt.

Setup: Haworth magnet in left hand's pinky finger

Procedure: It's been a while but here's what I can recall: I found a piercer in the San Francisco Bay Area after calling lots of piercing studios and finally finding a lead. The piercer had lots of body modifications and was Haworth-trained so I considered myself fortunate. We discussed implant location (e.g. offset from the center pad of the finger, where to incise). Then, we did the procedure. I opted for no anesthia. I recall it being a searing sustained pain at the finger and it lasted for a while (even after stitches).

Maintenance: I kept the wound clean with saline solution for weeks until the wound healed. I was super cautious to not to get too close to magnets. Then, we took out the stiches.

Expectations vs reality: I had high hopes for feeling large electrical systems (e.g. power lines, power stations). I believe I had seen a video with such footage. However, my experience was less astonishing. For the most part, I can sense magnetic or paramagnetic objects up close and every now/then I will feel something electromagnetically.

On a day to day basis, I forget the magnet is there. I only remember it when it's being reactive to something.


- Magnets in MacBook Pro case (magnetic)
    - These are actually really strong and annoying
    - Feels like something pulling my finger from beneath the skin
- Refridgerator (paramagnetic)
    - Feels same as magnetism
- Laptop at certain spots (electromagnetic)
    - First EM experience, it took 6 months to occur
    - Feels like a buzzing in my finger
- Laptop speakers (magnetic)
    - You will learn to avoid these due to magnet flips
- Magnets in a magnetic button coat (magnetic)
    - These magnets felt strong yet "soft"
- Microwave (electromagnetic)
- Some fridge magnets are so weak that I can't feel them
- Had a dream where the magnet implant reacted in the dream
    - First time knowing mind recognizes magnet, it took 1.5 years to occur
- Electric engine on subway car (electromagnetic)
    - When over the third rail and the car starts to accelerate, I can feel it transferring power
    - First large EM experience, it took 2 years to occur
- Too many metal objects to remember (paramagnetic)

Bonus features:

- Feel pressure changes in my finger (e.g. when a storm is coming)
- Dropping a needle while threading and magnet auto-catches it
- Picking up tiny stubborn screws out of holes


- I haven't had many issues when grabbing things
    - Occasionally, the magnet will stick on its side but it goes back flat with simple push

Reactions: Whenever I first mention the magnet, people get confused and then I explain magnetism/electromagnetism. Then, people are usually curious about my experience (e.g. what I feel, issues) or curious about procedure. The most interesting reaction was my Mom grabbed my finger and then started putting it against everything metal in the house.


  • Thank you for providing a success story, the more the merrier. I'm currently waiting for a reliable source to get my magnets from then I will be installing one to see how the results come about. I appreciate people bringing their experiences due to the table as with putting something inside my body, I want to hear as many first hand experiences as possible. I'm glad to hear you've been able to sustain your magnet with no issues, kudos. 

    By the way this is my first post here, hey everyone! :D
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    Thank you, I am adding the information that you provided to the spreadsheet. Also, could you provide the name of the place that you had it done, along with a specific date of implantation. Thank you, here is the link to the spread sheet if you are curious as to what is on it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q5zeI1JH4aDChXedzSp0U9c0Vq3ePgdS4t7_V-sch40/edit?usp=sharing
  • I don't recall the piercer but I remember it was a "hush hush" agreement; iirc, in California piercers aren't supposed to use scalpels or something like that.

    The date of the implant was April 12 2014
  • In California it is indeed intended that piercers aren't supposed to use scalpels or something. v_v Will confirm.

    From the sound of it, it went well. :D

    Which magnet was this, this wasn't the Haworth Gold, was it? There's one sold that's like... n42, then one at n52... if it was like a 60 dollar magnet, that was the n42. I think the n52 is like 100. This could explain performance. :o Just suggesting a possibility.:o
  • @twolfson, glad to hear your story.  Success or failure, every story is a good one to hear.

    Regarding the spreadsheet...  finally added myself to it tonight.  I was surprised that there were no entries on the RFID sheet.  I suppose that's because they tend to go "by the book" in almost all cases with few rejections.  I put my RFIDs in along with the magnets and I added an "Other" sheet since implants are now becoming more varied.
  • @Zerbula It was a gold Haworth magnet but iirc 2 years ago there weren't mentions of their strength on the site nor a silver option as there is now. Original item's page seems to say N45 now:


    I should also mention that it originally cost $100 (now $60). Hooray for advancements in magnet options/strength though =)
  • I'm inclined to say it's really n42, as the stronger magnet lists n55, where n52 is the strongest NdFeB comes in, period. N42 is also significantly more common, but this is just my two cents in regards to possible faults.

    N42 is about 80% the strength of n52. But I'd say a m31 would be really good too, considering thicknesses and coating layers. ^^
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