Subdermal TEG?

I'm curious about the prospect of powering a low-energy subdermal device using a thermoelectric generator. Does anyone know what sort of temperature gradients exist below the skin? (TEG power income is dependent on temperature gradient). Using some of the BTLE system on chips, we might be able to make it do something useful.


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    Have you done a search of forums yet? I believe this was talked to death.

    EDIT: I meant threads.
  • I think the general consensus was that inside the body there's no usable gradients
  • I believe @chironex was working on something cool in this regard. Robert murray Smith had something called the Monotherm on his youtube channel that might work, but I have no idea whether it's usable in this application or not. It did operate differently than a normal TEG, in that it didn't seem to operate on spatial gradients.
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