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Hey just wondering if anyone has experience with

I was planning on ordering either Adrafinil or piracetam from them. I was thinking of the stack also that they refer to as pao(all three of their racetams.

I just want to know if they are as pure as they advertise, good service you know the "I'm getting my money's worth" not the "you get what you pay for".


  • Tried asking it on reddit , they have a quite active nootropics subreddit 
  • I actually didn't even think about reddit...guess I kinda spaced on that front lol. Can you post a link? I'd like to follow it.
  • This is the thread I opened :

    I'll call you if I receive some private messages 
  • If there's a positive review on /r/nootropics you can definitely trust it. It's an active community and they're VERY aggressive about bad vendors to the point where legitimate vendors will get blacklisted for single mistakes...

    I would not recommend buying any of the things you mention though. Adrafinil can be very diluted compared to Modafinil, and if you're willing to bend the law a little you can very easily obtain modafinil. Piracetam is I guess a good first choice, but also a little dated now (get alpha-GPC and take it with any racetam). Getting a mix of racetams also sounds pointless... usually you take one racetam.

    Also be aware that though it's really handy to have prepressed pills, you'd have to take a LOT of piracetam pills at 500mg to get a decent dose. My daily piracetam dose is 5g. (I bought it from before they closed down.) Get powder, some scoops, and a scale; find the scoop closest to a gram you can, and use that. Piracetam is water-soluble, so you can just mix it into a drink (lemonade-type flavors are best, because it tastes very bitter on its own).

    That all said, piracetam, adrafinil, and a choline source is a good newbie stack. Just don't get a lot of it and reconsider when you've tried it out and done some research about next steps.
  • Thank you for that information. I will definitely look more into it. On my next refill of my workout stacks ill be ordering most of if not all three (adrafinil, piracetam, and choline). I will look into more varity if/when that set up runs low or doesnt do quite what im looking for.

    My main things im looking for is, less mind fog (not forgetting things as easily), energy, and not being bogged down from working nights. I seem to run out of motivation to do things throigh out the day when im working nights so id like to get that back. (My gym times been suffering)
  • I didn't order from Peak so I can't speak about them. I bought my stuff from Powder City. Since I was a noob, I got their sampler of three different racetams, choline, and noopept, plus theanine so I could test what I liked the best.

    I don't take them regularly, mostly due to lack of habit, but do when I know I need more focus or energy that day. The noopept was pretty intense the first time; I had a deadline and wanted a laser focus. I got that in spades, along with overall speediness. It's short acting though, so now I use it primarily before a workout. I didn't crash, just slowed back to normal after a few hours. That was nice, I hate crashing.

    Meanderpaul, what do you get for workout stacks? I've been interested in them, but haven't figured out what to get yet. My primary concern is energy and metabolism boosting plus muscle building.
  • I use 1mr from bpi for energy, dexy for metabolism/fat burner, eas protein powder, muscle tech testosterone booster. All those I follow the recommended dosages for on them.

    The BpI WILL make you want to run laps around houses. My suggestion would be having two different energy so you don't get used to it. The bpi doesn't crash either which is nice as long as you go to the gym or do something psyical. It takes effect in between 15minutes to 30. I mix the bpi and protein powder in my shaker bottle together it don't take the powder without mixing

    I use some herbals too once and a while
    Ginkgo 120mg
    B12 2000mcg
    St. John's wart 600mg

    I have noticed a difference with everything but the ginkgo. I had to double recommend dose for them all to notice a difference though.

    The test booster had a few different effects with me. It made me much more sexually inclined, to put it mildly, and also gave me a little more of an aggression which was often controlled by the St. John's.

    St. John's is a mood balancer so it kind of evens each other out. I also have glucosamine but it doesn't really help (generic form) I've used osteobiflex and that has helped my knees.

    I'm also taking a one a day men's too. do not use performix from gnc it didn't have any sort of effect that was wanted. I got depressed and HIGHLY aggressive to those around me. I ended up throwing the bottle away.
  • So i added a new supplement to my stack and will be adding adrafinil next.

    Thing is though my heart is racing similarly to how i feel after taking preworkout. This pill is lipodrene for fat burning and energy. The energy is definitly there i get the shakes from it still but is definitly slowing down since the first time i took it.

    I did a google search of it for what ever reason and i discovered two things. The ingredient ephedra is banned so they now use the extract ephadrine. The wiki says ephedra is able to kill you and that they cant rule the effects out of the extract.

    Should i be worried about this?

    Is there something i can do to minimalize the risk?

    Will adrafinil axastrabate the risk?

  • Ok so I finished a bottle of my newest lipodrene and my God did it make me feel great. I don't think I've ever had as much extra energy or clarity. It "wakes" me up and my entire mood is great once I take the first 2 in the morning. All I feel is a rush of energy that makes me want to run laps or just do anything physical right away.

    I have lost nearly 15lbs since I started it and whether or not it's directly from the pills I cannot say. I will say I have been doing more pull ups then ever before and my workouts are more intense then prior. The extra boost in energy for me most likely is the cause for the weight loss because I can be more active. So maybe indirectly it causes weight loss.

    I do get the shakes while having just taken it and if I try and fight the "I need to do something NOW" feeling. Typing this is a bitch on my phone. I've started a new bottle.

    Side effect that I don't like is if you go a day or two with out any you get a POUNDING head ache and very tired ( may also have been only from getting 4hrs of sleep also)
  • I started modafinil a month ago, working great, but it super charges the effects of caffeine, you have to be so careful with preworkout supplements.
  • That's good to know because even though I stopped using a preworkout out my newest is more effective then my preworkout. I don't use a whole lot of caffeine but it is something I do take mixed in with other things.
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