inplanting nfc/RFID myself

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Hey all!

I'm trying/planning to start a biohacking community here in my college and eventually town or bigger.

My idea is that i'm kicking it off with an implant session where people can get chipped. But my target audience at first will be students at first so the price had to remain low.

My initial idea is to partner up with a piercer who will do it, but i'm wondering if it is really that hard or if i could do the implants myself.

Any tips/ideas/suggestions?
Would you recommend it or not?
Do you do it yourself ?


  • It's not hard at all. The hardest part is going to be tenting the skin (not hard). My wife ended up doing it for me since I couldn't in the spot I wanted it. The directions that come with it are very clear in how you do it.

    My suggestion is don't push through the skin all at once to keep it from possibly poking through the other side. If you mange to not do that and are in the realm of where you want it then just inject it. Also there is a safety on said needle DO NOT FOR GET TO REMOVE IT. IT SUCKS HAVING TO DO IT AFTER YOU PUSH IT THROUGH.

  • So you suggest that i could do it myself?
  • Piercers are prepared for this sort of activity and they have the equipment and a clean room. The reason I bring this up is that I passed out for 3 of my 4 implants and the piercer didn't panic, he handled it like a champ. For that reason I will always go back to him.
    They're ready for whatever gets thrown at them if they're experienced. The procedure isn't difficult, like @Meanderpaul said, but there are factors you can't plan for. If you're getting a bunch of excited people together they might not feel comfortable telling you that they're feeling dizzy or getting tunnel vision.
    Plus liability is something you have to be wary about. Every piercing shop I've visited has made a photo copy of my ID to prove I'm old enough because if you implant a minor there will be trouble. Also, if someone gets an infection and wants to sue. Or if someone jerks during the procedure and tears skin.
    This is all worst case scenario and if you've already thought of all this then you're probably good to go.
    Either way you decide to go I wish you the very best. This is awesome.
    My local group tried to get an implant party organized and we arranged for a local artist to do the implants at a bulk discount in his shop. Unfortunately we couldn't get enough people interested. Those who were interested already had implants! So, there's an example of a local guy who was willing to implant a bunch of people for a discount.
  • Thank you for the quick reply!
    @mcSTUFF You've got a great point, and I'll probably still go with the piercer as they know what's up!
    I'll try to arrange someone to come and place them for us.

  • Also be aware they aren't all willing and it might not be aloud where you are. In ma and Maine I was unable to find some one to do my RFID which is why my wife did it.
  • Good point about legality! I went to a shop 90 minutes out of my way to find a guy who had done magnet implants before because the county I live in doesn't allow them at all. This guy has two shops in the same state but he's only allowed to do implants at one of the shops.
  • That is one of the main reasons i havent gotten a mag yet.(im not doing it) definitly ask around in person at the shops. They might bw a little more willing to do it if they meet you( see your not a cop or other authority).
  • I forgot to remove the safety.... a needle in your hand moving around a ton trying to take that thing off one handed is NOT fun. Where are you? what school?
  • Sure isnt fun.
  • Wel glad I'm 100% sure it's allowed as 2 shops in the country are doing it, but their proces are way too high. Around 200$. And i'd like to be someone who van and is allowed to do them. Not perce for everyone as i won't know how to react to situations as described above, but more for friends or people who are willing to take the responcibility them self or share them. I'm from the netherlands myself.
  • 200 for a chip is them ripping you off.  i paid like 20 bucks +tip for my rfid.  maybe for a magnet is in the realm of being reasonable
  • My piercer was happy to do something new and didn't charge me, so I just tossed him $10 as a tip. The next time I tipped him $20. Mind you the whole thing took less than 5 minutes. A minute to prep, about a minute to chose placement, and 20 seconds to inject.

    Lol. If the guys charging $200 are as fast and efficient as my piercer is, they are charging $4800 an hour. lol. Math is fun.
  • That's why i am still thinking about placing them myself in myself and friends who thrust me and are willing to share the "risks" , maybe even for people who are willing to share the risk/consequences.

    200$ is far too steep and i guess it would be a plus as i'm trying to set up a community and i can do it myself
  • My two cents on this...

    Doing chips is very easy if you've purchased one in an injector.  Is it cringy?  Sure.  Will it hurt?  Yup.  But it is SO simple to do if you go with the standard location (hand between the index finger and thumb).  Make sure you have a spotter of some kind there to back you up morally and, just in case, physically.  Do it while sitting down and in a room that's at a comfortable temperature (cooler being better than warmer).  Read one of the guides on or, for example, and know in advance what you're doing.  Just relax and it's over before you know it.  It barely hurts at all to do, and I imagine a little topically applied pain cream would eliminate even that.  I've done all my own implants (and I've got a fair number of them).  Studying is the real key to success.  With a standard RFID implant, the studying is short and simple.

    That having been said, if you know a piercer that would do it for you at a reasonable price ($200 is highway robbery, as you've noted) and/or you're wanting to implant in a non-standard location, having it professionally done might be the way to go.
  • I totally agree that my implants on a different location than between thumb and index are going to be done professionally like my magnet.

    Studying will be the key and im surely going to do that before inplanting myself, in supervision of my gf as she van help when needed.

    Thank you all for all the advice and feedback!
  • Do a test run before you go through a group like @aviin mentioned have a person with you follow instructions, and don't bother with icing it to numb the area it doesn't really do anything. The only pain is really the initial prick.

    If you don't think you can do it or want to "risk" passing out have a friend do the first procedure on you to see your tolerance. Practice with friends on injection so you have a few under the belt before people you don't know.

    Practice sanitation of EVERYTHING if it seems repetitive and second nature then your probably doing it right (do it by the book over and over not what you think is good enough).
  • Thank you alot for all the useful tips, so far i found one friend who is willing to let me do it to him. After i've done it myself, the icing seems like a great idea ! As most of those who i've spoken to seem to be afraid of the size of the needle.

    So numbing the area and speaking with them seems like a great step to begin with, as i know from my piercings and tattoos , a proper meal and sugar are very recommended and also communication between subject and artist are important as they can't feel what the other feels.

    Sanitation will be my next thing i will take a close look at, as i first try to get my hands on tags. Don't sorry, i know i have to sanitate everything. What i mean is where i can get the products needed and how to properly do so before i'm even thinking about picking up a needle.

    First of all i'll need to get some tags and get someone who i trust who is willing to be my spotter and helper in need. After that the sanitation chapter will start and if thats sorted i will try it on myself and on "test subjects" who know what the deal is and are willing to let me "practice" on them.

    I would like to thank you all for all the great support i'm getting and hope i van return it somewhat by generating a community around me with likeminded people
  • sells alot if not all the stuff you would need. They have the tags and other usefull things.
  • I was wondering where I could get the best suplies for cleaning and prepping, All I can find at the moment ( near me in stores or webstores) is Alcohol prep (70 % isopropyl alcohol).

    Would this do it for cleaning and prepping the table etc. and the skin of my hands ,before putting gloves on, and the skin of a patient?
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    Not sure about your country, but I live in a smallish town in the U.S. and getting isopropyl alcohol above 90% is very easy (any place that has a pharmacy will have it).  You can also get chlorhexidine gluconate easily.  The local Walmart here has it (look for a product called Hibiclens).  I always scrub my hands with that prior to implanting followed by a good rinse in sterile saline rather than tap water to remove the chlorhexidine gluconate.

    Also, Lysol is surprisingly effective against a large number of nasty things.  At some point in my process, I always involve some Lysol for good measure. :)
  • Well to update on this older topic! I have finally got my injectors with tags, and yesterdaynight I tried to ( together with my gf) to implant one in the usual spot, between thumb and index but we ended up not finding the correct spot and were a bit scared because of a vein we really didn't want to hit.

    ofcourse we used the right procedure with gloves and desinfectant etc.
    I'm going to post a picture of my hand , can anyone help us as no piercer here or doctor is willing to help us. Is it even possible thanks to my thin skin(?) or wrong vein?

    or do we just have to go in very shallow and go over it or anything?

    My next post will be picture as i'm on pc now and will post pic by phone sorry for that
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    Here are two pictures, on one you will see a blue line in the middle( the most right) is on top of the vein we were going to hit? and the left blueline was the one we put on the bone to mark the horizontal .
    (Album link to the two pictures , just to be sure!

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