Grindfest 2 vid

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Here it is!  Thanks again to bird for submitting footage.



  • Awesome. It will probably be a few years until I am able to make it, but I can't wait till the day I can join you guys for Grindfest.

  • Um no link there @proteus lol
  • For me, the video is linked right beneath his post and is playable on the page. I am on desktop, are you on mobile still? I wonder if that might be the issue.
  • I am I don't really use PC at all it's a dinosaur.
  • This was the first time it ever embedded automatically for me. 

    trybalworf, try clicking here
  • That worked nice video. What was the liquid cassox put in your noses?
  • @Proteus thanks for the link. The automatically embedded video worked for me. I think it just didn't want to work on mobile.
  • Yes my new technology tends to be inferior with this web page :(
  • Actually... let me check on mobile... un momento por favor...

    *taps phone to his arm to unlock*

    Welp, I can see the embedded video but am not able to play it as it says the plugin is unavailable. For reference, I'm running CyanogenMod 13 on a Oneplus One.

  • My iPad doesn't show the video embedded until I highlight the area to copy paste lol. Oh technology how you confuzzle me so.
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