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I just saw this tweet where Amal Graafstra talks about an upcoming product of theirs - the FlexNT.

Anybody got more info on this?


  • What Amal calls the FlexNT is a Ntag216 chip (the standard NFC chip) in a flat inlay, this means it can't be implanted with a needle, but the lager antenna size means better read range then the glass coated chips. 
    The image blow is one of the inlays used for the FlexNT on my finger, next to a quarter.

    The FlexNT is very similar to my flexible NFC implants, same microchip, same idea of increased antenna size to increase read range. The image below shows them side by side. As you can see, my flexible NFC implants are slightly wider, but slightly shorter than the inlay used in the FlexNT. This means the FlexNT may be more suited be implanted in a finger. 

    However, when reading both using my usb NFC reader, I get better read range on my flexible NFC implants than the FlexNT, I can reliably get 1.5" read range on mine, but I can only reliably get 1" on the FlexNT. I guess which is better depends on implant placement and intended use.

  • Can someone get (or already have) an implantation video of this?
  • I believe the implants are in route to people right now. I think the method last I heard would be a small cut then sliding it in partially rolled up. Whether or not the chip is able to still be rolled up only Alex will know. I'm sure once the people get them we will have plenty of photos and videos.
  • There's a DT Beta Group on Facebook - The FlexNT is priced for the beta at $199.00  and will end at the end of the month, tags will then start shipping. Reg. production is slated for later this summer.
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