Implanted Alarm

Would it be possible to implant a small device in the hand or forearm that would vibrate or shock the user at a certain time?


  • Easy, charging it is the hard part....
  • I was thinking about that this morning. I my brain always ignore the first cellphone alarm, and sometime the second one. A "shock" certanly would wake me up instantly.

    @JohnDoe | About that I have a idea. Sorry, but this was the only thing that I could thought: The WankBand mechanism could be adapted to a small one, so that it can be implanted in the user without causing discomfort.
  • DAMIT there goes my last faith in humanity.... Time for a brain implant.... But in all honesty I don't see the relevance does it vibrate? Off shelf parts exist for this.... Nothing fancy or complicated....
  • Have you considered a fitbit type of alarm it vibrates to wake you up on your wrist. Mine feels like I'm being shocked by one of those zap pens. You may be able to mod something from that but you still would have to charge it somehow.
  • Induction would probably work best
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