Technical details of m31 magnets

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I was wondering as there is a shortage of M31 magnets that I might want to look around here if I can get some.
But I have no clue and couldn't find any details about the magnets.
It might be that I haven't searched hard enough, and if so I appologize

Could anyone help me?


  • What details are you looking for. has them on the site and I think it talks a little about them.
  • I'm willing to search here for m31's to get for myself and for anyone who's looking. But before I can find them I need to know the specs so that I will search for the correct ones. All I know now is that they are:

     - 3x1mm in size
     - neodymium
     - a Titanium nitride coating

    Is that all I need to know, so I can call around for them?

  • And like where should I ask, Metalshops/stores or more into the industries who might know where to get them or if they sell them?
  • The were to contact I cannot say. I now Alex's math has a supplier that no one knows about. I'm sure if you check out gauss guys and some other magnet sites that can fabricate them and give that information to them they could help.

    Make you you mention the magnet has to be tested to be bios are. I don't know if I'd say that you were going to stick one inside yourself. Don't forget the gauss rating when you ask. At minimum mention that the coating can't be flawed.
  • The m31 - 

    The m31 is a 3mm diameter magnet, 1mm in height. 

    Composition of which is a main body of NdFeB (Neodymium), Grade N52 in strength. Above this is (usually) a common Ni-Cu-Ni layer coating (Nickel Plating) to protect the magnet from oxidation/degradation and physical damage.

    The TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating is applied over the Nickel plating, via PVD in a controlled (vacuum chamber) environment to prevent degradation of magnetic strength via heat exposure.

    A properly coated m31 should have no "pinholing" (minute gaps in the TiN layer)  do to undercoating, but also not flake off due to overcoating and causing extra material to build up and cause weak areas.  application of coating must not exceed a certain temperature (150c?). or else the strength of the magnet is degraded. 

    Titanium Nitride is an extremely high strength ceramic with superb biocompatibility, and far exceeds the strength of many other coatings. Much more likely than not,, to damage the coating would requite enough force to shatter the magnet outright. 

    Autoclaving a m31 will cause thermal stress, which will cause the coating to fail. 

    The primary characteristics that make the m31 so ideal is it's extremely thin coating which occupies little space, and therefore minimises the amount of inert material in the magnet versus the amount of active, magnetic material. It is also very resilient to both biological exposure and mechanical stress, comparatively to other coatings. 

    A coating .5mm thick will reduce the magnets proportional magnetic strength-to-size ratio to less than 40%. TiN is microns thick (.5mm = 500 microns).

    It is hard to produce. More so correctly. Even more so biocompatible and  retaining all magnetic strength. Conventional methods to coat things in TiN expose it to heat that causes field damage. 

    Coating failure of m31's is usually attributed to corners, where it is hardest to get a solid, stout layer over an edge. They are usually coated in two parts, one side, then the other.

    Just throwing out some general information as I understand it. If there's other q's drop them. ^^ Please correct me if anything here is wrong.

  • Damn talk about an explanation lol
  • >~< just basics. I was trying to keep it brief.
  • Owh wow, i guess it will be impossible to find them then haha. Still thanks alot for the information!
  • There's a reason that it's taking the heavier hitters in this community a really fair amount of time to procure these.
    Success rate is really low in general of 'produce 1,000, get 80 acceptable results from all batches attempted'. C_c

    There's a shortage. A few individual parties are addressing this even now, but patience is virtue. x_x

    If you can procure them, full power to you. Sincere good luck, if you are going to Persue it. :D Just make sure that they are the real deal. ^^'
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