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Hello all,

I'm Max , a 21 year old student from the Netherlands , Europe.
I'd like to apologize for my english as it isn't my first language.

My college gave me a project about " Man vs Machine" and a quick insight in that Biohacking excists.
This sparked my attention so much that I've been researching for days before finding this forum.

I've been really liking the idea of upgrading our bodies to make it better and hope I can help or perhaps design my own implant one day.
Because my attention was sparked by my college , I might be able to use their knowledge and workshop ( think about heavy machinery as CNC-machines etc) to help you all, us, if needed.

So far I haven't been able to find any implanters or biohackers around me, apart from one shop which implants at high costs.
Because of the idea and the small community in the Netherlands( As far as I can find), I'd like to make it grow bigger.
Since the idea came to me through college, Currently I'm trying to get them to fund and gather people to start implanting NFC-chips.

As for now I'm thinking about getting a NFC chip and perhaps a magnet if I can get my hands on one.

Hopefully I can help you and you can help me making better ideas for implants.

Feel free to comment or PM me





  • Welcome to the group. Don't worry about your English it's perfectly fine. English is my first and my grammer is horrible...

    Nfc is a great way to get into the game because of the simplicity in implanting. Mine was an RFID. And probably be a nfc next.

    What does your project entail from the school?
  • Thank you, my school had given us the assignment to creatie an interactive "installation" about man VS machine. And it is suppose to make people think for a second time about technology. As it's developing so fast and we are heading towards " homo sapiens 3.0" .
    The winning "installation" will be shown on " Playgrounds" a huge design/technology event.

    Me and my group are just 1 week into the project so i'm nog sure if biohacking will be used in it, but you guys got me sold on the idea of "perfecting/upgrading" the human body.

    I hope so implant my nfc soon while i'm also searching for magnets.
  • Welcome in! :D

    Implanting is fun, if a full on medical surgery. Remember to give it treatment as such, please.

    If you have been reading around about magnets, the ideal standard m31 is tending to be in demand. Multiple groups are working on that. ^^ Just watch.

    Best of luck on your research and exploration. Please ask questions and throw out ideas. :3
  • Welcome . 
    Just wondering what are the limitation you College put on the you and the project. One big problem with implants is they had to get approval due to insurance and legal issues. 

    What is the name of your College? 

    Taking you are very close to the UK , you can look there for implanter ( mostly tatoo artist ) as for the implant and magnet them self dangerous things , comes to mind. 
  • Thank you !

    I'm student at " Avans hogeschool", yes I'm trying to get the college implants doen by either professor or great student from a healthcare study ( the plan is really rough at the moment as I just got an email from my professor saying it's an interesting idea). For implants as magnets i might have to go to either the UK or het a response from a tattoo/piercing artist that also does shows with those hooks and ribbon people( not sure how it's called). Perhaps he had the knowledge and is willing to give it a shot.

    As for the college and implants it might cause a legal problem, but it might sort itself out as my study is all about " technology, trends, breaking the limits and thinking outside the box". If i van get them to fund an implant for me and in return i have to show it off at meetings or such, i'm more than happy. I know it sounds really weird, but i'm still a student and therefore only have a small budget for hobbies/interests.
  • don't forget that if they cant funding sticking something into you for legal reasons then do it yourself. they cant stop you for spending your money on the device and then implanting it in yourself. just show that is is not connected directly to the school.
  • @ Meanderpaul don't forget he lives in the Netherlands, they have different rules on experimentations. This is also the nation that did experiments with LSD ( and other drugs )  and humans. And basicly as legalized everything. 
  • @Meanderpaul don't worry. I will definately stick something inside me, but if in one way or another i van do it with them for funding, i'm more than happy. I mean if they are willing to fund it or give me the price in cash and call it ' one-time salary'. I'm a lucky guy.

    True , here we allow almost anything as for drugs and experimenting. It will mostly be the head of the college if they are willing to tie their name to it.

    I maan, i was even allowed to make a device for wifi keylogging as long as it was for "research purposes".

    Thank you for linking me to the UK piercer, as for now i'm trying to creatie a network around my city in terms of biohacking. I already have some people interested in the nfc implant and even throwing ideas for new implants.

    I will look into that cybathlon in a moment, thankyou.
  • Good point I did forget your in the Netherlands :/

  • NLmax: I know this is an old thread, but have you found a place to get implants yet?
    In case you haven't, I know two places in The Netherlands, both shops do magnet implants and RFID/NFC tag implants:
    - Piercing Studio Utrecht: http://www.piercingutrecht.nl/
    - Staal & Inkt, Heerlen: http://www.staaleninkt.nl/
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