Spring 2016 Community Goal 1: Write your shit down and share it

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Spring 2016 Goals 
At Grindfest 02 the group talked about goals for the community.  Themes of “Supportive not competitive” and "More tangible results"

Goal 1: Write your shit down and share it        https://grindsyndicate.slack.com/archives/publish
For the next 6 mo, write your shit down. Share it in a blog, on biohack.me, in Slack etc al. Get the habit going.
This would be for experiments, skills and techniques, specific procedures, testing material, etc... really anything that contributes to our body of knowledge. 
Project 1: Common writing standard
Project 2: Biohacking journal

The full goals doc is here - sign up or add information :D https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KHl5g8S5WUAlsptGGKhgaEp6hLlFHjjjXLhzUqyHE2c/edit 


  • Yes, we need to at least develop some transparency and good writing habits. I can help with refinements, but for now, just get it down, and get it out! We can always ask questions later!
  • I feel this should be slightly clarified for what you are referring to.

    When you say writing habits I assume you mean when documenting what you do such as implanting a magnet and not when just posting a response to a question.
  • Should we start compiling a mailing list? (For the journal)
  • Meanderingpaul, I tried to clarify a bit. Honestly though it is meant as "write down anything useful for biohacking and share". Just getting people in the habit of writing anything down is the goal. Having the information accessible is the first step. If someone has a comparison chart of adhesives they've tested and someone else has a video of their procedure and someone else is blogging about how and why the first three prototypes of their new device have failed then we are doing good. The more formal writing and being able to submit to professional or peer publications is an underlying thing that interested people are working towards, but everyone can and should be writing down the useful info.
  • Recording experiences of the healing process (what is normal, etc) would also be really helpful. I know that after my Decker-installed parylene coated magnet I was not prepared for how sensitive the skin over it could be (even now, four months later) to pressure, or how body-horror weird it can be to see the magnet raise through the skin when pulling. This old forum post I found by searching here helped me immeasurably. 

    Even now, when I'm relatively confident the healing process is going just fine, I still wonder whether the experience of others with maybe more callused skin is vastly different from mine, with my baby-soft wimpy-programmer skin.
  • I suggest setting up a personal lab journal. We may be altering the site soon, but having threads hiccup ing every time someone takes a picture of their stitches for a solid week can get... Clutter tastic.

    Suggestions for formats (like blog formats) that lend themselves to this?
  • Im a big fan of video personally as I feel a well put together video can convey information better to those who want a deep dive into a topic. However I think some fusion with say a blog post may be best as then you can include written information for people to skim through and extra information. 
  • Should we make a drive folder with the Implant spreadsheet and the goals sheet?
  • At the very least, each person should keep consistent case notes until we develop a writing standard. Include all relevant information, both subjective and objective.
  • Try using SOAP notes as a general guideline. It is easy, and reads clearly. Prevents needless cluttering with extensive wording, and clunky formatting. Then, we can translate these notes into whatever format we decide on in the longrun.
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