Bioviva has posted a statement about their initial results :D

For anyone late to the gene mod party, this is myostatin inhibition and telomere extension that were used. Both were one time treatments using AAV as a delivery method.

They didn't mention the myostatin hack much in that write up, because of a very legitimate "omg telomeres!", but she is much more buff than she was six months ago as well.


  • Awesome progress!
  • BioViva/Liz Parrish, commented that they plan on releasing the procedure for free (using government aid etc). Commented that they require a $1-1.5million lab, for continual production. Although 1 treatment session appears to have reversed 20years of shortening in WBC markers.

    As a splicer hack better cancer regulation probably needs to come first. Although there are some studies with mice that show increased lifespan without increased cancer risk (with AAV with mouse TERT, into old mice).

    Do you remember where you heard about the myostatin inhibitor procedure results?

    A massively impressive step in the right direction, generating much needed data. (been waiting for any results from this experiment since it was announced).
  • I heard about the myostatin results from Liz. Also, some casual measures. I really hope she gets some muscle biopsy data though. That's the real info that's needed for that.
  • All this being said, this could all be nonsense, it could be inconsequential, it could be bad data. I'm looking forward to seeing which one it is.
  • Meh, either way it will serve a purpose.
    Some new test data in the general direction will answer some questions & spark new ones. That and it opens a door for new research to disprove their results..
    "For science!" and all that.
  • Cant wait to see it
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