Testing magnet implant with MRI machines

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Hi all,

A new poster here, hello! I've had a neodymium magnet implanted in my left ring finger for over 2 years and have been really enjoying it. However, I'd like to bring up my concern about my upcoming MRI scan. (As a note, I have spent the past hour researching and reading all posts on here and other sites on the effects of MRI scans and having a magnetic implant.)

I went into an MRI room today to test whether the implant would be affected and I must say, it was uncomfortable. I felt a magnetic pull when my hand was directly in front of the machine and felt it move depending where I placed my hand in the magnetic field. It was bearable though, and I will be going ahead with my MRI scan as it is an open MRI machine and I will not be required to place my hand inside.

I was hoping whether other grinders who have had experiences with MRIs had advice for me? E.g. Should I tightly wrap my finger with medical tape to stop it from moving? What is recommended? Does the magnet heat up after some time?


  • The answers you seek are on here, somewhere....
  • From what I have heard it causes discomfort like you pointed out. Second bit of info is tell them about it. The least they will do is shield it most is change the scanner. Before telling them though I would dig up as much fact as I can about it and a scanner like the experience cassox. Has had.

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