best RFID chip?

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I'm thinking of getting an RFID chip implant (going to get a magnet soon). I want something has a lot of versatility and i don't know much about RFID chips except that they're called by some to be the mark of the beast LOL
i want one that has the most uses, one that i can use to unlock, store important data, and maybe record medical information (a chip that could constantly record an EKG 24/7 would be useful in the medical field for patients who have issues, no?) 

one of my main concerns is whether i could upgrade a  chip without having to replace it?


  • So an NFC chip will meet most of your needs. You won't be able to implant a chip in your hand to monitor your head for a few reasons. The big one is that it's a different body part ;p the other is the chip isn't that kind of device. You would need a whole different beast to do that.

    To "upgrade" one you need to remove it unless you mean changing what you use it for.
  • ahh ok. i may wait a while and see if there are any upgraded chips coming out on the market. 

    also, this is just an idea i have, but what if we (the community) developed an NFC chip that monitored EKG (heart rhythms) for use in patients who have heart conditions. ones continually recorded the heart rhythms and stored the data on a say a microSD card and could be easily accessed in emergencies to let healthcare providers know what happened. 
  • So I don't think anyone has done this yet, but it seems you could implant one device to monitor a thing (like EKG) and hook that up to RFID to actually transmit that data to a reader. We already have Bio-Thermo implants that do something like this (however, it is one self-contained implant, and has its own limitations that have been explored elsewhere).

    Just search for biotherm in the forum to find several discussions about this, or go here, here, or here.
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    The thing that I believe you to be confusing is that these two chips do not have sensors in them nor do they have battery. They only get power via the reader which allows you to send and receive data (that you previously) you put on. I.e passwords,access codes.

    You would be better off designing a small ble board that has a heart rate monitor with a micro SD card then bio coat it and implant that. I suggest reading up on the chips that are for sale on and then check out the wiki page.
  • Also what do you mean by upgraded and upgrade?
  • i was thinking that there was software in the chips that may need to be routinely upgraded, i now realize that it isnt true. sorry im still new to whole thing, especially the hardware portion of it.
  • That's perfectly fine you learn by asking questions.
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