Where to get m31 ?

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Hey ! I've been lurking for some time, and long story short, i'm trying to get my hands on m31. As I understand, they've been taken out of the markets for quite some time now, but some people around here still have some in stock. Could someone fix me up with some ?

Thanks in advance !


  • Right now the new stock is being tested. Some people are opting for the gold plated right now. My advice would be to wait for the tin to return so you know what your getting. If you do choose to go with a gold one PLEASE test it to ensure the coating is good and be careful with damaging the coating because they are easy to scrape. I think most of the spare m31 magnets have been scooped up but I could be wrong.
  • I'm also new here, so I haven't gotten the full story on the m31 situation. How long have they been unavailable, and is there a general idea of when they'll be back on the market?
  • As of right now @alexsmith was in the process of testing a new batch of them. I believe it has been a few months although I don't know for sure. There is threads already started though regarding the new ones and the testing. Just do a quick search.
  • @Alexsmith , any progress with the Ni-Cu-Ni free TiN m31? We will love you forever.

    Or @Amal? :o Are you still alive? I hope so. ^^
  • Hey, sorry I'm still waiting on my supplier, but in the mean time I've been playing around with something else, check out this, on the right is one of Steve Hawoth's magnets, on the left is one I made. The only issue I have with mine is the surface is not as smooth.image
  • @alexsmith Would you mind posting the link to amazon listing of the silicon, you have done before but I can't remember which thread that is in. Just knowing the type of gear would do, I'd have to find it on amazon UK anyway.

  • ChilliEye I got it from here, but they don't seem to sell to consumers anymore :( http://www.appliedsilicone.com
  • Any idea howmuch a magnet will cost from the new upcoming batch? Inc shipping to Europe?
  • not sure, the price I set before was $35+shipping, on the one hand I want to keep prices low, but then again, I lost money on the first batch that failed, so I kind of need to make up for that. anyway, we'll worry about that once they are tested. btw, the new batch have finished manufacture, but I'm having problems again with shipping, hopefully I'll get it sorted out soon and can start testing.
  • Okay cool! Any estimate on the price and when they will be done testing?
  • @AlexSmith how much do you think the final cost will be? ,also ,how much more time it will take if everything goes right?
  • 4 weeks if everything does correctly, not sure on the price yet, what seems reasonable? 
  • @AlexSmith Has it been 4 weeks yet? :-(
  • PostHumanist what? I posted that an hour and a half ago... I don't understand your question...
  • @AlexSmith It was a joke, I think. :P
  • ooohh, right :p ok then. the batch which should have been ready for people is _still_ being held by fedex >:( so I've ordered more but shipped to a local address, which should be done in 4 weeks
  • Definitely a joke. I'm just expressing my eagerness to order one. I hope everything works out.
  • How about now? D:>

    Yay progress. ^^
  • @AlexSmith sorry didnt see your comment , as im not very experienced in this subject i suggest you ask someone else , however , im buying these for a price up to 200$ , while its not reasonable at all , its been how much , 4 years since dangerousthings have shut down M31&M36 productions? , so i think about 70-80 shipping not included should be good. ask everyone else i think..
  • Considering the extremely overly important significance of the quality of the coating and the magnet itself (to actually be useful), I'd easily pay up to $100 + shipping for each. I'd expect to pay at least $50 + shipping. Some people's opinions may vary depending on their knowledge of implanting costs, the way I see it, they're in relatively high demand at the moment so I'd buy them even if I didn't intend to have them implanted for another year.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no harm in storing them indefinitely prior to implanting them is there? Assuming some common sense is used, cool, dry, out of direct sunlight environment.
  • @Magnetic it has been less than 2 years since the preorders shipped for the m31, so not quite 4 years since they've been sold out.
  • @alexSmith has this batch already been properly tested before you are getting them? or once you get them do you still need to do the testing? potentially ending in another bad batch right? Secondly, what process are you using to test them?
  • Sorry I never replied to this thread, I've been updating the sticky thread, see here http://forum.biohack.me/discussion/1569/magnet-status

    The very sort TL;DR version is I've tested one of the magnets by implanting in it myself, with good results, I've sent out a few trial magnets for other people to test. If they have good results too, I'll make the magnets available to the public.
  • sweet i cant wait. maby il be able to get one for my birthday at the end of the month
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