The Light Bulb PCR Machine

An interesting way for our engineers to get involved with the gene mod projects would be to assist in building the necessary infrastructure of bio mods to take place.


  • It's interesting you bring this up; I recently made a video on the subject of do-it-yourself PCR thermocyclers, comparing the various pros and cons, and that device was one of the three I looked at.  Small world...

  • I think it would be very possible for the lesser accomplished engineers (the student ones) to build that, the schematics could be a bit tricky to reproduce the first few times perfectly though, but that is where the fun comes from
  • sounds easy enough to build a thermocycler-shield for an arduino. altho i have no personal need for one, if there are some people interested i could give it a spin.
  • I ordered a thermal cycler from for $600 and it works like a champ. Anyone looking for a cheap one should check it out.  Amazon has excellent prices on a lot of the other stuff, water baths, electrophoresis tank, etc.
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