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So as new people arrive at the forum they should see the first stickied post to get some guidannce on the basics. Chances of them actually reading it are kind low but w.e. 

What I'd really like to do is make a few more stickied posts with collections of threads for new people looking for a particular topic. While the wiki is great, sometimes it helps to read the whole discussion to see some of the reasoning behind what ends up on the wiki. And it'll be nice to point to a simple collection of threads rather than trying to dig up a specific one. So to help with this what I need are suggestions for which threads are good as a first read for new people. I want to have 4 categories: magnet/rfid related, Nootropics/pharmaceuticals, wearables and biomods.
I want the best 4-8 threads about each. What threads do you wish you'd seen first basically. This way the next time someone asks about magnets or rfids or w.e we can point them at the collection as a good place to start rather than them having to comb through the entire forum. 

So if you've got a suggestion post a link to the thread and what category it should go in. This way there's no need to write new content, just a convenient way to organize what's already there into a more bit sized package. 

So, ideas?


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    The m31 rejection thread - http://forum.biohack.me/discussion/887/m31-rejection-collection-thread#Item_90  ^^ 

    Also, would it be worth anything to have a fifth miscellaneous section that doesn't fit into any of these? Maybe community related/meetups/group buys? :o
  • I thought we have a everything else section? I think another thread to sticky and let grow would be a nootropic safety thread. drugs.com has a wiki database of drugs maybe start something like that?
  • Ok so I can't off the top of my head think of what the tread was but it was the one referring to RFID,NFC security and uses. I feel that is a very popular conversation that shows up.

    Next would be the testing/buying of magnets from "non trusted" sites where they are not specificly tested like they are at dangerousthings.com and cyberise.me

    People see these gold magnets and think "hey it's gold it is safe!" Whereas they weren't truly put through the riggers.

    @zerbula nailed another really good link also
  • Ha found it.
    Security link for it. http://forum.biohack.me/discussion/comment/13393#Comment_13393

    Still can't find the uses one though I'll edit/add if I find it.
  • Methinks threads that illustrate and contain a lot of 'Do this" "Don't do this" when it comes to the magnet implementation would be useful. ^^

    I'll try to screen through a few, might pop back in with links for those. I know far too little about RFID/NFC, Nootropics, Wearables, other biomods or procedures, etc to say anything about any of those. >~<
  • We have a do this don't do this "thread". It's called the wiki ;)  
  • D:>

     l:  Okay, this is a good point. 
  • What there's a wiki?!?! I guess they give those things out like candy.
  • Slightly off topic, but inline hyperlinks aren't very easy to see within threads. Can that be fixed? Can they be the bright purple of all the other links in the forum coding?
  • There's a lot of things we'd LOVE to fix with this cite. Unfortunately there is what can only be called a nightmare under the hood so doing something like that is wayyyy more difficult than you'd think. There's been talk for a while of porting the cite to a new  server or something so we can do stuff like that but until then, not much we can do.. 
  • Put it up on github and let anyone who's capable take astab at a code refactor.
  • That's actually not a bad idea have the community do the updating instead of one person. I know I'd like to see it so I might be able to learn a thing or two.
  • Certain members already have access to the github repositories. Hopefully they will see this plea for link color changes. I personally know nothing about this stuff.
  • I can put a PR in for a color adjustment and anchor highlighting after my day job today. I think a deployment will need to happen from the powers that be before it goes live, however.
  • How would one find the code for the site on git hub? I'm asking not for the ability to change the site but for my own learning.
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    Ok I'm dumb i found it.

    EDIT: I'm noticing what I found is not the entire thing. Is there a way I can get the whole site code to see?
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    SIDE NOTE ^^

    I know this thread is dedicated towards formation of stickied threads, but just to steal attention for just a bit:

    Have started trying to throw around and contribute to the Wiki. :D

    WE NEED MORE HELP! D:> If you are good with something and want to write a page about something that needs a page, Please do it. 

    Oh, and one thing.... @chironex @glims @whoever the Disclaimer's page goes strait to 404. http://biohack.me/disclaimer.html

    Back on topic... Any progress with playing with the site, anyone?
  • He cause this seems like a good place to put this.... Have we ever thought about adding a about me like part to the profiles? So much crap I would love to word vomit on there....
  • we're trying to get stuff sorted with the site so that we can do some remodeling. if all goes well all that sort of stuff will become viable additions. But all in good time and only if we can get the stuff sorted out. 
  • If I may ask, I assume that's code related right? How bad is it on a scale of one to ten one being that it is all types out on one line, or ten being some what thought out....
  • naw it's not a code thing. it has to do with how the server it's running on was setup and stuff. If all goes well we'll be porting it over so we can get access to it properly. We'll keep people posted if the thing goes through. 
  • I found the coolest tools for various physics applications. Used 'em in my current project(hopefully have results on that soon), and they've been more useful than any other utility on the web. They're also in java, so they should run on any machine. Here's the link to all the applets(LINK)

    This one (LINK) in particular is really good. I can confirm that downloading it is safe, as far as I can tell. Went to the trouble of reading through the source code. For all of the programmers out there, it's fairly modular, and you can add new components in without terribly much trouble.
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