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Greetings, folks;

I am a long-term friend of Cassox. Some of you met me at Grindfest 02. Obviously I am new to the forum, and some of the personalities here. My specialty is somewhat different than most of you. I am a social sciences researcher (psych, anth, soc, etc.) and currently maintain a human subjects research certification through CITI. I work in the mental health field, currently, and have a background in Tattooing, piercing, and body modification. I hope to get to know each of you that I didn't meet at grindfest. For those I did meet... I can only say it was a great pleasure. This was one of the best weekends I've had in some time.

One particular area of interest I have in the grinder community and biohacking, is utilizing mixed methods research to examine cognitive benefits and other factors related to biohacking. I hope to contribute in some ways to aiding and assisting some streamlining of the research process and scientific method, for those of you who might be interested. Otherwise.... hello!



  • Welcome to the forum! You seem like someone who will become a heavy hitter in time. Have you seen my flow state thread? I would value your opinion and input.
  • John;
    Thanks for the warm greeting. I gave the thread a quick scan, and I am wondering a few things... from my knowledge, flow state is closely associated with cell memory, muscle memory, and dissociation during complex, physical activities, such as performance art. I am wondering what you might think the tie is between flow state and sleep, as to me, they seem to be two very distinct phenomena. I will fish around for some slides for you. I followed a group of poi spinners for a summer doing a mixed methods study examining flow state and interpersonal belongingness, to examine what aspects of belonging to such a community of practice might benefit each individual. I had some pretty good results. Also, I am not sure if I can post the slides here, so I will just screencap some of the more relevant ones when I find them.
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  • Now that I am looking at it, those are the slide versions I used at the AAA presentation, so I fleshed most of it out verbally and then just used the slides as a visual reference. If you have any questions about the specific measures I used, certainly let me know.
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  • @Navigatorj
    My thinking was that I was entering flow state when I sleep, cause I tend to come up with my better songs when I am really low or when asleep and seldomly when I play music others wrote. As a artist I love this, as a person I hate this.... My goal when that thred started was to find away to enhance it and suppress it at different times, over time it has made me think about the connection between brain states and learning. Leading me again to flow state. May I ask what you think that is? I will look at your power point when I am in front of a computer I keep dragging crap around on my phone.

    John Doe
  • John, I am thinking you could be on to something. I don't know that flow state = sleep, per se, but rather, you may be experiencing one of a couple of things, that I can think of. First, the brain utilizes REM sleep to process / dump / organize input from the prior day, and perhaps, if you fell asleep feeling a particular mood, or thinking of music, it could be possible that it becomes part of the sort of "assemblage" that occurs during sleep, as part of otherwise normal processing. Second, I could see that inducing flow state prior to sleep may cause that state to continue during sleep and allow for the blanks to be "filled in." I have had instances where doing mathematics just prior to bed, I will wake up with a solution to a problem I fell asleep working on, so that is somewhat similar, I am thinking. The short answer though, is, that we really do not know, and that the idea certainly sounds like it merits further examination.
  • Filling in the blanks explains a lot, about a lot of things actually.... In my research how ever crapy (and lacking of real resources....) my theory is that flow state can be entered while relaxed.... Before I can prove that I need to figure a way to get readings with out disturbing sleep. Thank you for your insite it has been most valuable! Has any research been done into replication of your discribed "assemblage" while awake?

    John Doe
  • John,
    When I say "assemblage" it's just my way of saying sleep dependent learning and memory consolidation. I'd recommend checking out that article, and some other sources, such as this article.
    You have to pay to get into the main database for the second article, so just read the text from the popup window.

    So what I am thinking, is that you may be describing either memory consolidation, or where flow state might be activated before rem sleep to improve memory consolidation. Not sure. Definitely worth thinking about.
  • This posttest-only measure is the current standard in measuring flow state. Thus, you need to conduct concurrent baseline measures in order to anchor these data in a meaningful or useful way.
  • Here is an abstract to the more recent FSS-2 scale.
  • Dude I can never thank you enough for sharing that with me!! Still reading it all.
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